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How do I remove playdo from Lego?!

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Appuskidu Tue 28-Nov-17 22:04:13

Help-it’s everywhere! Even inside the Lego men’s trousers!!

Can I put it in the washing machine-in a net bag maybe!? Or would that clog up the filter??

nightshade Tue 28-Nov-17 22:06:44

Basin soapy hot water and a scrubbing brush??

Ttbb Tue 28-Nov-17 22:07:23

With more play dough

endofthelinefinally Tue 28-Nov-17 22:08:47

It will dissolve in warm soapy water.
Let it soak for a bit.
It is basically starch and water.

unlimiteddilutingjuice Tue 28-Nov-17 22:09:14

Wont it just dry out and flake off in the end?

Mynametodaywillbe Tue 28-Nov-17 22:10:59

I second with more play dough. Just get a ball of dough and press it on the stuff thats stuck and it will remove it.

ClaireFraser Thu 30-Nov-17 23:50:13

Stick it in a net bag and run quick coolish cycle on dishwasher.

Or, net bag, couple of towels, quick cool and low spin cycle on washing machine.

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