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Feedback on Shark vacs?

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user1479289699 Thu 23-Nov-17 12:39:57

Our vac died a death last night so hoping to get some good deals this weekend on a new one. After much research I've settled on Shark, but there are sooo many different types I'm a bit overwhelmed!

We have a mixture of carpet and hard wood, so want something that can easily switch between both and won't just blow things around on the wooden floor.

I think I'll go for one of the 'duoclean' ones. Narrowed it down to the lift-away model (NV800UK) or the stick one (HV380UK).

Does anyone have experience of these two in particular, or can recommend me another shark one?

From reviews it seems the liftaway comes with an upholstery attachment, and the suction is stronger, whereas the stick is obviously lighter and easier to push around but doesn't come with many attachments and also can't stand up on its own which i think may get annoying!

Any feedback appreciated, thank you!

littleoctonauts Thu 23-Nov-17 21:01:27

I have the duo clean stick Hoover mentioned in your post. I really like it, and I keep it downstairs to do the hard floors. Occasionally I do the carpeted stairs with it. But I prefer my Miele which lives upstairs for the carpet. It depends what carpet you have I suppose but I wouldn't think of the duo clean as being strong enough as a main Hoover for carpet. Also the dust tank thingy I can't remember what it's called is quite small, so I couldn't imagine it being ok for a full house. The hard floors it is brilliant on though, and using it for half the house only works well.

Also it stands up when not in use and handle detached. It's only when on it doesn't stand. But you get used to that it's really not been an issue for me

Their after care is amazing btw. I bought one in July, the roller broke this month, and without any questions they replaced it with a full head attachment which costs around £50-60!! They didn't ask for pics out for me to send it to them or anything!!

I also got mine on a good deal on prime day, and it does often come up on Amazon lightening deals so worth watching.

Overall we like it and the way we use it it serves us very well!

user1479289699 Thu 23-Nov-17 21:38:04

Some good advice there thanks. What Ones your Miele - is it a bagless one?

BabCNesbitt Fri 24-Nov-17 07:24:43

I had the Navigator when we lived in the US, and liked it enough to buy it again when we moved back! It’s worked well in both a big hardwood-floored split level and a tiny terrace with a million narrow stairs, with good suction all the time.

BabCNesbitt Fri 24-Nov-17 07:25:40

Sorry, meant to add it was the Liftaway I had, both times, and it’s light enough for a lazy-ass housekeeper like me.

Alwaysatyke Fri 24-Nov-17 07:30:07

I have a shark lift away and it's brilliant. Got it after being loyal to dyson for a long time but their quality went downhill and I'm so glad I changed. It's quite loud i suppose, although not significantly worse than other brands and the lift away feature is really genuinely handy. Definitely recommended!

Afreshstartplease Fri 24-Nov-17 07:32:00

We have a liftaway after several dysons and it kicks their arses soooo much

Ecureuil Fri 24-Nov-17 07:33:47

We’ve also got a lift away after always having Dysons and it’s so much better. Much prefer it to the Miele by IL’s have too.

Ecureuil Fri 24-Nov-17 07:33:58


user1479289699 Fri 24-Nov-17 08:56:02

Getting the liftaway! Really good black friday deal on amazon if anyone wants one too -

outofmymind26 Fri 24-Nov-17 08:59:54

We switched from our cordless Dyson to this! It’s amazing you won’t be disappointed!

bambambini Fri 24-Nov-17 09:01:18

Interesting. Just saw the shark advertised last night on Telly - had never heard of it but just bought a Dyson v8 absolute this week. £350 - it better be good! Liked my Miele pod type but pain in the arse - especially on stairs.

Helena17 Fri 24-Nov-17 10:07:35

Got this one and Dyson and I must say it's worth the price.

mydogmymate Wed 29-Nov-17 10:22:30

I've got the shark lift away and I hate it. It's heavy, gimmicky with loads of attachments and too big to get in a cupboard, so it hangs around in my kitchen mocking me for spending so much money on it ............angry

Ecureuil Wed 29-Nov-17 10:34:37

I've got the shark lift away and I hate it. It's heavy, gimmicky with loads of attachments and too big to get in a cupboard, so it hangs around in my kitchen mocking me for spending so much money on it ............angry

grin not to rub it in but it fits perfectly in my cupboard, and the ironing board slots in perfectly next to it!

mydogmymate Wed 29-Nov-17 11:03:01

You must have big cupboards, I envy you!!

Ecureuil Wed 29-Nov-17 11:18:48

I have one full length, deep, wide cupboard in my utility room that I am never ever getting rid of!

mydogmymate Wed 29-Nov-17 11:22:09

I don't blame you!!

user1479289699 Wed 29-Nov-17 13:46:45

Love the new vac! Agree it's heavy but I can deal with it for how good it is at its job. Haven't found a home for it yet though as we're still unpacking from the move! I think we may store it with the handle off

SarahBeeney Thu 30-Nov-17 00:25:08

Ive got the Shark Tru Pet. It's brilliant!

agedknees Tue 05-Dec-17 16:41:01

My shark and my dog tried to kill me on the stairs today, that’ll teach m fo hoovering the stairs.

andypandy55 Sun 10-Dec-17 15:07:48

I have the Shark liftaway and it's brilliant much better than a dyson.

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