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Lost my sewing machine

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angstinabaggyjumper Wed 22-Nov-17 11:38:47

We moved house in April and ever since I have been expecting my sewing machine to appear out of one of the many cardboard boxes but yesterday the last ones were unpacked and sewing machine. I am still hoping it is in some out of the way place we haven't found yet but now feel I must buy a new one. I don't feel inclined to pay a lot of money for one can anyone recommend a reasonably priced sewing machine please. I will use it mainly for making curtains and blinds.

Flamingale Wed 22-Nov-17 16:04:32

Bought a Janome 7025 from John Lewis for £229. Aparently it is the same as the Janome 525s Sewist. It was a Which recomendation a few years back when they did sewing machines reviews.

If you want something a bit cheaper then the Brother LS14 has some good reviews and can be found at Argos for £69.99.

wowfudge Wed 22-Nov-17 19:41:45

You do realise that as soon as you have and bought and used a new sewing machine, you will find the old one?

MikeUniformMike Wed 22-Nov-17 22:11:42

I have a Janome that I got years ago from Argos. Lidl sometimes has reasonably priced machines. The Argos £70 one sounds a bargain.

angstinabaggyjumper Thu 23-Nov-17 08:04:19

Yes I realise it is a price I have to pay to find the good one. The Argos one sounds good although I don't know how to use Argos is that very thick of me? Sewing Centre has a Janome2200XT for £145 with a 10% discount which in my limited knowledge sounds like a good deal.

MikeUniformMike Thu 23-Nov-17 21:24:15

You could always look on freecycle

Viewofhedges Thu 23-Nov-17 21:45:32

I lost mine in a house move, too! shock do you think they use it as a time to gain their freedom? Where do they GO.....?

angstinabaggyjumper Fri 24-Nov-17 09:32:05

viewofhedges well yes precisely where do they go!? It's not like it's a small thing or even light. I have my suspicions a) I 'phoned the removal company and they took my details and said they'd get back to me so obviously they do get stuff left in the van b) my DH said there were some boxes still left in the shed but he "knew what was in them."
MikeUniformMike yes I did advertise on Freecycle and I've been offered and old Singer with dodgy tension, I'll pick it up this week end hmm

Helena17 Fri 24-Nov-17 10:03:16

Janome is good but I plan to buy a new one. Check argos cause they have lots to choose from. Amazon also has several but have to check the reviews to be sure it's worth the price.

Walkerbean16 Fri 24-Nov-17 10:05:12

So weird, I have done exactly the same thing! Moved house and my sewing machine has disappeared!!

angstinabaggyjumper Fri 24-Nov-17 12:11:18

Well wherever our sewing machines are I hope they're very happy! brew

ChipInTheSugar Fri 24-Nov-17 12:22:52

If you're in the Midlands, I've got a second hand Janone that was gifted to me that's just gathering dust.

angstinabaggyjumper Fri 24-Nov-17 13:41:02

ChipInTheSugar a kind thought but I'm in Scotland.

Signoritawhocansway Fri 24-Nov-17 13:54:34

Terribly sorry to be cheeky, but chip I'm in the Midlands and looking for a sewing machine... how much are you after for it?

ChipInTheSugar Fri 24-Nov-17 17:27:43

PM'd you

MikeUniformMike Sat 25-Nov-17 14:09:00

Good luck with the dodgy tension. I was once asked by a friend if she could borrow mine. I said no, I'll hem your curtains for you. She would have given it back undamaged but I've been caught out before lending things.

angstinabaggyjumper Sat 25-Nov-17 16:17:49

MikeUniformMike Point definitely taken. Perhaps I'm clutching at straws but I thought with patience I could probably sort it. I think it's worth a try before I buy a new one I'm trying to be environmentally friendly...halo actually I would love a good excuse to buy a new one

MikeUniformMike Tue 28-Nov-17 12:21:53

Buy a new one. You deserve it.

angstinabaggyjumper Tue 28-Nov-17 14:29:15

Ahh how I longed to hear those words MikeUniformMike unfortunately in the interests of the environment I am currently working on the tension of an old Toyota machine, it wasn't a Singer after all, which would have been an advantage because I can' even work out how to thread it.

angstinabaggyjumper Tue 28-Nov-17 16:58:00

A CONCLUSION unusual for MN I think. wowfudge was correct whilst looking amongst packing cases for decent cotton to test the tension on the old/new machine I said to my DH you might as well leave that box out too because it's got christmas decs in it. Then DH got a funny look on his face and there it was! My sewing machine disguised as decs. Happy is me we are now a two sewing machine household AND I have managed to fix the old/new machine as well. grin

ChipInTheSugar Tue 28-Nov-17 17:08:11

Ha! Got to love a happy ending grin

Viewofhedges Wed 29-Nov-17 09:01:50

Is mine in there, too?

angstinabaggyjumper Wed 29-Nov-17 11:57:42

Viewofhedges yes it was but it said you didn't treat it right so it wanted to stay tucked up in our big cupboard. I can hear it gently snoring as I write. X

MikeUniformMike Wed 29-Nov-17 12:31:30

Well done! Have a lovely Christmas in your new home.

wowfudge Wed 29-Nov-17 13:01:51

My sixth sense was finely attuned!

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