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Plastic containers for Kallax

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Fabianthefabulous Tue 14-Nov-17 19:53:53

Does anyone have plastic boxes with lids that fit into an IKEA Kallax unit? If so where did you get them and what size are they.

I have been searching but all the ones I can find seem to be just too big or a lot smaller.

OwlKiss Tue 14-Nov-17 20:03:14

We don't have Kallax, we have whatever it replaced (Expedit??) Not sure if they have altered the internal dimensions - I know overall it is a bit slimmer.

I found with ours that you can fit some of the Ikea trofast boxes with lids if you stack them; either 3 of the shallow boxes or one shallow box and one deep box, if that helps. The really deep boxes are annoyingly too tall.

There is a bit of space at the sides, but I think they look quite neat.

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