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15 yr old kettle has died ..which brand to avoid?

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ggirl Sun 12-Nov-17 22:33:55

Mine was a Dualit , don't want to spend that much again as I realise they have a poor reputation now...unless someone can tell me otherwise.

Marylou2 Mon 13-Nov-17 20:28:34

I have a Cuisinart kettle and I love it. I had 2 Kitchen Aid kettles in 6 months . They look beautiful but were completely useless. Cost definitely didn't equate to quality.

Rathkelter Mon 13-Nov-17 21:09:55

We had a few De Longhi kettles, one of which sparked at the base. A little flame licked up the side when I was making the health visitor a cup of tea. Great health and safety!
We replaced it with a £10 one from Curry's which is still going strong four years later.

FickleMatter Tue 14-Nov-17 15:32:07

I got a version of this kettle from Argos three years ago. It is fantastic. The best part is that it is 3kW so it boils the water really fast.

Whichever kettle you end up getting, make sure it is 3kW - it is life-changing!

ggirl Fri 17-Nov-17 22:34:16

Thanks for your replies ...I ended up getting a Cookworks one from Argos bargain

keepingbees Fri 17-Nov-17 22:55:44

I love cookworks, I have had their kettle and slow cooker for years and found them much better and longer lasting than bigger brands

BumWad Fri 17-Nov-17 22:56:41

I have a cuisuinart too it’s great

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