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Aga Total Control - Aarrrgg!

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MillMan Sun 12-Nov-17 13:56:33

Does anyone else have experience of this type of Aga? We installed one a year ago and almost immediately, the company withdrew the ‘key’ Total Control App feature. The ability to turn the Aga off from afar via the App was the deciding feature as to whether we bought one, given that we tend to just spend long weekends at the property and wanted to have an Aga we could turn on / off / have slumber regularly. Energy saving when we were away from the property etc etc.

However, I feel I have been mis-sold the product completely: having spent a significant sum, they then withdrew the App Control feature - for well publicised security reasons. They clearly hadn’t tested the product rigoursly and I have an Aga that simply doesn’t do what it said on the tin. Throw in the fact that it has just plain failed this weekend while trying to cook Sunday lunch....half cooked chicken just thrown away....and I do wonder if I have been sold a completely dud and under-tested product.

Has anyone else suffered these issues? Should I get Aga to take their clearly defective product back? I don’t want a gaping hole in our kitchen for Christmas.....but I equally feel I have been mis-sold a very expensive product. And having been in touch with them, they don’t seem to care as much as they should? Thoughts?

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