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margoandjerry Sun 15-Apr-07 19:09:47

Right - I need to think about this. My flat is officially the hottest flat in the world (last summer it did not fall below 30 degrees indoors, day or night, for months) - I am on the 4th floor and east/west facing so constant sun comes in.

So, I need an air conditioning unit. But it can't be built in - it's a listed building. So I need one of those portable ones with the rubbish hose sticking out of the window. Problem no 2: I don't have sash windows. I think they are called casement windows (hinge to the side) and I'm not sure how well this would work with the hose.

Please, can anyone advise? Anyone got one? Is it any good? Any tips re fixing it out of the window?

Oh and I'm really sorry about the carbon footprint and all but I cannot go through another summer of having to put my towels in the bath and placing them wet, on my bed, for me to sleep on!

Quootiepie Sun 15-Apr-07 19:13:04

I didnt think they had tubes or whatever going out the window. I know there was a cheap one on sky which was a fan that you opened the door and put ice inside (lasted ages) and it blew out the cold air that way. The ones I have seen are like heaters, only not.

ScoobyDooooo Sun 15-Apr-07 19:19:21

You mean somthing like This ?

margoandjerry Sun 15-Apr-07 20:21:55

Yes. Those are the very things. Very ugly too. But the more I think about it, the more I need one. Any thoughts?

blossomsmine Sun 15-Apr-07 22:40:18

Is there any difference between and air conditioner and an air cooler? Someone mentioned that air coolers were cheaper but i don't know if they would work aswell. Anyone got one??

margoandjerry Mon 16-Apr-07 19:35:20

Yes, air coolers are cheaper but I've been advised not to bother as they aren't as effective. Anyone got any counter-evidence?

blossomsmine Mon 16-Apr-07 23:01:36

Thanks M&J. I also want one of these things. Anyone got a cooler then? Someone must have one of those surely, want to know the best thing to buy. My friend ties a bag of ice infront of her fan and says it is lovely and cool!

lackofgravitas Mon 16-Apr-07 23:14:40

We have one portable air conditioner, and another on order. The existing one has a tube to go out of the window, and I'm expecting the new one will too. We have big double glazed windows that hinge either at the bottom or the side, so a similar problem with the tube. So, what we do: open the window using the side hinge, stick the tube out, tie the window in place (it would just flap otherwise) and when the curtains are drawn at night use a bulldog clip to keep them in place. It's not ideal, obviously doesn't look terribly good, and the ACU isn't as efficient as it would be if the gap round the tube was smaller, but it does work.

We bought the first one during DD's first summer, when I was freaking out over the recommendations of 19C for a baby's room, and hers was 32C and rising ...

sparklygirl Tue 17-Apr-07 20:42:00

I love our ACU. Yes the tube out of the window is a pain..........

zerodegree Mon 17-Oct-16 17:43:24

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zerodegree Mon 17-Oct-16 17:44:39

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