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Zoflora in the washing machine

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JupitersMoons Fri 03-Nov-17 15:43:17

After reading all the MN threads about zoflora I'm very excited to have finally bought some. I want to put some in with my washing to freshen it up, but how do I go about it? Do I just add it in with my usual washing powder or do I replace the washing powder with it? And in either case how much do I use? Any help massively appreciated grin

Wh0KnowsWhereTheTimeG0es Fri 03-Nov-17 16:02:05

I put it in with the powder, it's a disinfectant so you still need detergent as well. I wouldn't put it in the fabric conditioner drawer or you'll have residue on your clothes. I only use it for smelly sportswear or similar, regular laundry doesn't need to be disinfected.

Wh0KnowsWhereTheTimeG0es Fri 03-Nov-17 16:03:03

Oh and a few drops does the job, it's very concentrated.

dementedpixie Fri 03-Nov-17 16:03:56

I use it in the fabric softener bit along with fabric softener. I sometimes put some in with the powder too

SoulStew Fri 03-Nov-17 16:04:25

I use a whole cap every load. But then, I’m addicted to the stuff!

JupitersMoons Fri 03-Nov-17 17:59:52

Thanks all, won't use it in every wash but just have some tops where the pits smell a bit musty confused so want to freshen them up. I also read about wiping the radiators with it to make the house smell nice flowers What else can I do with it? smile

Wh0KnowsWhereTheTimeG0es Fri 03-Nov-17 18:03:08

It's good for pongy drains but the fragrances themselves are not very pleasant, I wouldn't use it as air freshener.

katienana Fri 03-Nov-17 18:06:13

I put a capful in a spray bottle top up with water abs use as surface cleaner. Also put some on the Hoover filter. Use neat in the loo when there's a smelly shit in there!

dementedpixie Fri 03-Nov-17 18:36:26

They have a website that gives ideas of what to use it for

DancingHouse Sat 04-Nov-17 16:01:56

I put the washing powder in the drum and half capful of zoflora in the drawer. Different scents to wash clothes from the ones I use to clean surfaces. Linen is the obvious choice but also bluebell and the winter editions are better on clothes.

Sammysquiz Tue 07-Nov-17 14:51:08

There are lots of better ways to make your house smell nice. None of the ‘flavours’ truly mask the whiff of disinfectant, so all smell a bit hospital-like.

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