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Thinking about getting a tabletop dishwasher

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NotJustThreeSmallWords Fri 27-Oct-17 22:17:06

Are they worth it? I only have a small kitchen and no room for under counter one. It'll take up a lot of space on limited worksurfaces but I am so rubbish at washing up it'll just take up the spot the dirty dishes take up blush
How do they plumb in? I'm trying to read up and they look quite portable as they drain into the sink. Is this right? Advice appreciated!

Supermagicsmile Sat 28-Oct-17 13:08:21

Yes they are worth it. I just had one installed for my tenants. There was only plumbing for one appliance and there was already a washing machine in place so the plumber fitted something. He drilled through the back of the work surface for the drainage so it's effectively permanent. Its's not very tall though so plates need to be less than 10".

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