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Pre-loved wooden sideboard smells of wet dogs

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AdultHumanFemale Thu 26-Oct-17 07:59:32

Brought home a second hand Ercol sideboard bought on eBay last night, and am slightly alarmed that it really smells! It is a deeply ingrained sweet, cloying smell of greasy, damp spaniel masked by a layer of polish. I just popped my head into the living room and nearly gagged. Last night, I wiped it down inside and out with a light soapy wash, but clearly, it has made no difference.
What can I do (short of stripping all the varnish off)!? I really love it and have such high hopes for it sad

wowfudge Thu 26-Oct-17 08:08:49

Try cleaning it inside and out with sugar soap - this won't damage the varnish but don't get it too wet. If you can, put it outside with doors and drawers open to air as long as possible. If it can't go outside, put bowls of bicarb in it with the doors closed to absorb the smell and put some around the room too.

AdultHumanFemale Thu 26-Oct-17 08:42:37

Thank you so much! I have just peeled some excess polish from between and behind the hinges, which accounts for some of the sweetish smell, I think. Will get the sugar soap and bicarb out, such great advice flowers

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