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Can I ask to be rehoused?

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darkcloudlooming Tue 24-Oct-17 22:30:33

So for several years I’ve had a problem with mould in my house. I live in a council property. They have come and put more insulation in the roof because I’ve complained about mould but now the bad weather is coming I can see the mould growing up the walls. It’s the outside walls that are most affected and I have a dehumidifier to try and make things better but nothing works. This house is depressing me.. I never want to come back to it. It’s an old house aswell. I know when I phone the council again they will tell me they can’t help me with the problems and I will have l live like this. Can I ask to be rehoused due to these issues. We can’t afford a private rent. We are also over crowded in this property as well which wouldn’t bother me so much if it has decent conditions!

MrsOverTheRoad Tue 24-Oct-17 22:36:36

Can I ask if you live in London? Have you spoken to the local health and safety dept?

Call them up and tell them....mould is a serious health risk.

Also, for now....wipe mould away when it appears with a damp cloth...and keep windows open when it's not raining and shut them in the night.

darkcloudlooming Tue 24-Oct-17 22:46:53

No I don’t live in London. When I call the council they just tell me that it’s my fault and I need to put heating on and open windows which I already do but nothing works it’s getting me down

RunningOutOfCharge Tue 24-Oct-17 22:53:23

Have you tried painting with damp seal or mouldtec paints?

RunningOutOfCharge Tue 24-Oct-17 22:53:53

Where/how do you dry your washing?

darkcloudlooming Tue 24-Oct-17 23:11:28


I’ve tried everything. Even paints. I can’t put anything against the walls because mould goes on the things next to the walls even though it’s not fully against the wall and a gap has been left. The house is so small so we have no choice but to use these walls. I’m sick of it. I don’t want luxury I just want a decent place to live.

RunningOutOfCharge Tue 24-Oct-17 23:16:15

Speak to shelter?

They may have advise. Particularly over the over crowding issue

nancy75 Tue 24-Oct-17 23:22:17

What dehumidifier do you have? We had this problem in our old house and got on top of it by having the dehumidifier in pretty much all of the time ( it was a great big thing)

redcaryellowcar Tue 24-Oct-17 23:23:42

Is guttering working (pop outside when it’s raining and check it’s not overflowing into walls etc??

specialsubject Wed 25-Oct-17 11:31:40

the default is to assume lifestyle issues - but they should have checked guttering, roof, window seals, any pipe leaks and so on.

have they? Have you?

PepsiPolarBear Sat 28-Oct-17 23:38:52

Clean off the mould with diluted bleach or a mould cleaning spray. Then you really need to keep windows open at times for ventilation and also turn heating on at other times. Over crowding won't help as more people equals more breathing, cooking washing etc

Do your neighbours with the same house have the same problems? Or do they have suggestions for how to solve?

EskiVodkaCranberry Sun 29-Oct-17 00:33:29

Like pp said check with your neighbours, if they have issues to that will strengthen your argument.
There must be a health and safety type department at housing at your council?
Make sure you document everything in terms of communication with them and photograph regularly the mound. If you can be bothered I’d be inclined to list when my heating was on, when my windows were open etc and list damage to my furniture as well.
And be persistent, it shouldn’t be allowed. Good luck

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