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Argh, dyed everything yellow, what else can I try?

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Coldhandscoldheart Mon 23-Oct-17 13:59:45

I have done a wash with Dr Beckmann colour run remover sachets,
I have done a wash with a scoop of varnish,
I tried soaking one item in vanish
Just chucked everything in a rinse with vinegar.

What else can I try, I’m not sure it’s even faded! Mostly cotton baby clothes.
I did a wash in between & some of those things came out a bit yellow too, so I don’t know how long I need to isolate things for.
This is doing my head in, I can’t even pass them off as cream sad angry

mogloveseggs Mon 23-Oct-17 14:01:02

Soak in bleach? Only if they're whites though

dementedpixie Mon 23-Oct-17 14:04:48

What made them yellow in the first place?

Coldhandscoldheart Mon 23-Oct-17 14:10:31

A cotton laundry bag,which I’m sure I’ve washed before with no problems.
I wasn’t sure about how strong to make a bleach solution. Can I use bathroom bleach, or is there special laundry stuff?

Coldhandscoldheart Mon 23-Oct-17 14:11:41

Oh, and what might that do to a handknit (probably acrylic, not wool) which might have sneaked in there unnoticed?

Jojomarsz Thu 26-Oct-17 14:25:46

You might want to try steeping in a solution of water and Milton. I find this usually takes unwanted colour out. Put some in a little bowl first and put the edge of the garment in to test. Hope it works for you.

Etymology23 Thu 26-Oct-17 14:41:29

Napisan can get stains out of things quite well. We usually soak in a strong solution overnight if it's do or die - if the clothes are going in the bin if you can't fix it then you may as well try anything!

MayFayner Thu 26-Oct-17 14:45:04

Soak them in Milton for a few hours and then wash a couple of times.

idea888 Sun 29-Oct-17 14:10:27

If all else fails, you could dye the cotton stuff?

GummyGoddess Sun 29-Oct-17 14:12:07

Yes, dye them a different colour. You're unlikely to get the yellow out (I know from experience it's hard!). So why not pick a new colour to dye everything, at least it will be uniform and will match.

MikeUniformMike Sun 29-Oct-17 19:13:51

You could try dye remover. I think you use it in the washing machine.

Coldhandscoldheart Mon 30-Oct-17 11:04:48

Sorry, I missed that there had been more replies. I think I will tr6 a Milton soak and then see. Tbh, some of it is stuff that is nearly outgrown so could go to recycling. Just it was also rather nice & I would have kept some of it.
Is yellow harder then other colours? Musing.

SpinnerDryer Mon 30-Oct-17 11:07:08

Dye it red/blue/green maybe? Not ideal but wearable still?

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