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Stair vacuuming

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WeAllHaveWings Sun 22-Oct-17 12:15:24

Our old old dyson gave up yesterday after many years of service. We had a moulting labrador, hairy carpet and guests arriving last night, so had a quick look on Which and sent dh out to currys to pick up a dyson dc40, which he unboxed and vacuumed before guests arrived.

Having a look at my new vacuum now and it's not the dc40 it is a dyson light ball. It's done a good job with the carpet but is cheap and plastic (my old one was metal), the tools are cheap and flimsy and I doubt it will last the distance, but we are stuck with it now. My main concern is the stairs, our old dyson has a turbo head which was fantastic on the stairs for removing hair and lifting the carpet pile but it doesn't fit and they don't seem to do one for this model.

Any suggestions for something just for the stairs?

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