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Quick Survey for a new Innovative Kitchen Sink Developed by Loughborough University!

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LoughboroughBasins Thu 19-Oct-17 12:38:00

We're a team of young designers from Loughborugh University designing an improved kitchen sink system to improve hygiene and efficiency! Currently we're in the research stage of our development, and would really appreciate it if you could spare five minutes to complete this anonymous survey.

FadedRed Thu 19-Oct-17 12:54:14

Tried twice to do your survey, but it stalled on page four both times.
PS you have spelled hygiene incorrectly on page four.

QuitMoaning Thu 19-Oct-17 13:52:07

All done.

wowfudge Thu 19-Oct-17 18:55:27

You need another option on how frequently do you wash up in the sink: occasionally.

SuperDiaperBaby Fri 20-Oct-17 12:37:05

Agree with wowfudge for dishwasher users. Completed without problems.

BackforGood Fri 20-Oct-17 13:11:37

Done. HTH.

LoughboroughBasins Fri 20-Oct-17 14:07:52

Thanks everyone! Have updated the survey as suggested.

FadedRed Sat 21-Oct-17 12:16:09

Tried it again and it worked, but agree with pp's you need to include 'occasionally' in the 'how many times do you wash up in the sink' question. I only wash up in the sink things that cannot be put in th machine (e.g high lead content crystal glasses, my 'best' gold rimmed coffee mugs for high days and holidays, Grandma's best cake, the sort of things too precious or delicate to risk in the dw).
Will we get some feedback on your results and how they have affected your research?

NoParticularPattern Sat 21-Oct-17 12:22:33

Done it. I do agree that you need an “occasional” washing up frequency. Whilst I probably run a sink of hot water every day, not every time is for washing up. Like above I only tend to hand wash delicate items or the odd bit if the dishwasher is on and I happen to have some hot soapy water run already.

picklemepopcorn Sat 21-Oct-17 12:35:50

I don’t use tea towels for drying up, but still had to answer the 'howoften do you wash them question'. It’s ok, I use them for other things!

antimatter Mon 23-Oct-17 19:04:27

me too re:tea toweks &wash them on 60 C in washing machine

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