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Can anybody recommend me a huge fruitbowl?

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NoNamesLeft86 Thu 19-Oct-17 06:01:32

Needs a banana rack and space for at least 2 packs of apples, 2 bags of clementines and some other fruit too.

Am I asking the impossible? Ive found one on amazon with a banana rack at the top and a standard/average size bowl at the bottom that I will buy if I cant find anything bigger. But my kids eat loads of fruit if its in the bowl so they see it, once its in the fridge or out of sight it tends to just sit there.

MrsJamin Thu 19-Oct-17 06:10:34

I have this from John Lewis - it doesn't have a banana stand but you could easily get a separate one like this and put it in the middle?

orzal Thu 19-Oct-17 12:31:19

Mine doesn't have a banana rack but it's a large dish from Emma Bridgewater. Much bigger than it looks on the website. I got mine in the sale one Christmas.

TheCountessofFitzdotterel Thu 19-Oct-17 12:34:24

You could have two! We have a system where the new fruit goes in a second one so you can see what needs eating up first. Works really well.

zzzzz Thu 19-Oct-17 12:35:55

Use a plant potwink

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