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I had an entire container load of stuff delivered yesterday

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katymac Wed 18-Oct-17 09:03:34

& I am starting a thread to get my thoughts in order and plan my attack

DD is coming home on Friday & she has struggled with us selling "her childhood home" so I need to get her room straightish

My mum is driving down on Saturday & all she can manage really is washing & putting away dishes so I have already sorted out boxes for her to do

DH is prioritising out bedroom - so hopefully that will look better tonight

I am sorting boxes rather than unpacking so I know what is in each - there are too many full of useless stuff. We have all the essentials so I am hoping to sort/declutter and unpack at the same time so if the box types are clustered together that will help

It's a mammoth task & the house is too small so I am stopping every few hours to put stuff on freecycle/facebook/gumtree to get rid of things asap

Any tips?

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