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Can anyone recommend a saucepan set?

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TheTurnOfTheScrew Sat 14-Oct-17 11:34:09

I've just had my kitchen refurbed. As everything is new and shiny, my old, frankly grubby pans are letting the side down, and I'd like some new ones.

I have neither the cooking skill nor the finances of Nigella, so don't need top of the range, but would like something durable and easy to clean.

LoniceraJaponica Sat 14-Oct-17 11:35:53

Joining this thread for recommendations. I'm after non stick pans.

LegoCaltrops Sat 14-Oct-17 11:47:16

Not non-stick, but I really like my Stellar stainless steel pans. I bought a large one (for making stock, jam, stew etc), & a smaller one, about 13 years ago. Both still great, & I recently bought a few more from the same range. Pretty easy to clean, & much lighter than Le Creuset. I have a non stick frying pan which I replace every few years, no particular brand.

LegoCaltrops Sat 14-Oct-17 11:49:47

I got them in Dawsons, BTW, on one of their discount days. I definitely didn't pay full price for them! (Love Dawsons for discount homeware!)

PigeonPie Sat 14-Oct-17 11:57:37

I second Lego's recommendation for Stellar pans. I had to replace my lovely old Prestige pans a little while ago and love these new Stellar ones.

I think that non-stick pans for general use are not all they're cracked up to be and certainly believe that these will last far, far, longer. The only thing I have non-stick is a small frying pan for eggs. I've never had a problem otherwise, and if things do stick a bit of a soak and a scrub and they're as good as new.

If you're anywhere near Oxford, Boswells also sell them at a very good price.

BumWad Sat 14-Oct-17 11:58:14

I really like my Anolon pans I have had them for quite a while now and they still look new

myrtleWilson Sat 14-Oct-17 12:04:01

this is my second comment on a pan thread in two days - the first got deleted as was PBP - no idea where they were planning on taking the pan debate.

Anyway, we bought circulon pans about 15/16 years ago and still doing ok - probably a couple of years left in them I'd say. No idea if Circulon quality has changed in that time but if not - I'd recommend them!

QuackDuckQuack Sat 14-Oct-17 12:05:40

We’ve got a set of John Lewis saucepans and they stack which is useful.

TheTurnOfTheScrew Sat 14-Oct-17 16:02:53

excellent, thanks all. We've a tiny galley kitchen so stacking would be a definite plus. I'll have a rummage in John Lewis when I'm off over half-term.

Orangebird69 Sat 14-Oct-17 16:04:25

Analon, all day long.

SeraphinaDombegh Sat 14-Oct-17 16:08:11

YY, our Stellar pans were a wedding gift eleven years ago and they're still as good now as they were new apart from the frying pan, which was destroyed by a burning incident.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Sat 14-Oct-17 23:42:34

Stellar are excellent.

yikesanotherbooboo Sat 14-Oct-17 23:59:02

I have a lovely small saucepan from John Lewis which was given as a wedding present > 25 years ago. It has been used daily, doesn’t burn and is undamaged. I agree with pp no need for non stick pans but buy very good quality stainless steel in a sale and you will never need to replace them. Nonstick frying pans will need replacing from time to time , mine seem to last about 10 years. I also agree that Stellar are good.

LoniceraJaponica Sun 15-Oct-17 00:22:05

I have good quality stainless steel pans, but when I cook rice it sticks to the pan. I would love Circulon, but they cost £££.

bouncydog Sun 15-Oct-17 17:50:53

Circulon non stick. Fantastic pans.

BakedBeans47 Sun 15-Oct-17 19:57:08

We have Raymond Blanc anodised ones from dunelm mill

lolalotta Sun 15-Oct-17 20:07:06

Stella stainless steel, last forever I reckon!

thenightsky Sun 15-Oct-17 20:08:56

Pro cook. I got a set for £100 in the sales about a million years ago (RRP £200). They are still like new.

Alonglongway Sun 15-Oct-17 23:33:26

Yep i have stellar stainless steel - 20 years old and still look brilliant.

Mightybanhammer Mon 16-Oct-17 17:47:54

Circulon. I got mine at half or two thirds off from Dunelm Mill about 18 months back after kitchen refurb grinThey are a pleasure to use. Just the right weight, beautifully balanced, non stick, dishwasher proof.

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