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Where do you do admin/keep laptop etc? I want to get organised

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Honey1975 Sun 08-Oct-17 10:17:15

I have piles of admin everywhere? I just want a small desk for myself where I can put it all and keep things like envelopes, paper & laptop. We've just moved and there isn't room in the living room for even a small desk but the hallway is quite large and pretty empty so was thinking about putting something here, maybe a bureau desk so it can be hidden away or just a small desk. Would it look odd in the hallway?
I don't want to use kitchen table as I am forever having to clear my stuff off for mealtimes.

Love to hear what other people do as need inspiration. Thanks

StealthNinjaMum Sun 08-Oct-17 13:28:50

I had a very small hall in my first flat and I managed to find quite a small desk from IKEA and I had some IKEA shelves put up that I kept ring binders and box files. It was tucked away and I preferred to have it in a room I didn't use rather than the kitchen or sitting room. It looked OK but it was kind of in an alcove next to a big coat cupboard so it wasn't that dominant. My current hall has a post table which usually contain a post mountain but I am on a shredding mission as every so often it gets out of control. Currently it only has about 6 letters (all for dh). <preens at unusual tidiness>.

My mum keeps her paperwork in a bureau desk which I think looks a bit old fashioned but it's in one of her spare bedrooms and she likes it (house is a bit dated but she has had her dark wood furniture for 40+ years so to her it doesn't look dated.) Anyway she is super organised and it seems to work.

Honey1975 Sun 08-Oct-17 18:19:02

Thanks Stealth. I was thinking of getting a bureau perhaps painted in a cream colour so it looks a bit more contemporary, shabby chic. Have seen some nice ones on line but not sure how I will like it once actually in hallway. The hall is definitely big enough & it's a lovely wooden floor so thought it might look nice as a piece of furniture as well as useful.
Just not sure how I feel about sitting in the hall by myself doing admin..🤔

SummerKelly Sun 08-Oct-17 18:40:24

I had a computer table in my “hall” in my flat though it was more of a landing really as you went in my front door and straight up the stairs to the landing that all the rooms came off, so it felt properly inside. I had shelves there too that made it feel more like a proper space than just somewhere to walk through on the way to somewhere else.

JoJoSM2 Sun 08-Oct-17 21:27:50

We have a separate study so everything goes in there. However, in my first flat, I had a sofa on legs and 2 massive boxes from Ikea underneath. They probably held as many books and paperwork as a bookcase. It all looked very tidy as you couldn’t see a thing.

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