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Help, wax jacket has transferred..,.

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Spudlet Thu 05-Oct-17 12:31:28

I stupidly took ds out yesterday while wearing my wax jacket, and the wax has rubbed onto his waterproof jacket and left it looking grubby (he was in a sling). I thoug it would be ok as I haven't rewaxed it for a couple of years, but I was wrong.

I am now dreading seeing my mother in a few weeks as she is bound to make caustic remarks about how grubby he looks and how I don't look after things properly (she didn't buy the jacket or have any input into its choosing so it's actually none of her business, but she loves to have a dig). Ridiculous, but true.

I've tried sponging it and I've tried ironing it off onto paper towels, but it hasn't helped at all. Had anyone got any magic ideas to save the day please?

Kicking myself so hard for this 😢

Spudlet Thu 05-Oct-17 12:49:35

Update: vanish soap and a sponge did it! [Bounces around the room in relief]

Phew grin. No more wax jacket wearing on sling walks for me.

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