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hippipotami Sun 01-Apr-07 12:19:40

Am hoping to have a new kitchen in the summer, and have chosed a white gloss one. However, have two young children, a dog, a cat and a messy husband, as well as a large mudpit of a garden and access to the garden (and back in!!) is only through the kitchen.

I am not overly on top of the whole housekeeping thing - I don't clean my kitchen untill it has reached the 'Oh my word the kitchen is a mess' stage.

Sooo, white gloss kitchen - am I certifiably insane planning this??

hippipotami Sun 01-Apr-07 12:20:02

err, that should be choseN, not chosed...

katzg Sun 01-Apr-07 12:37:01

we were talked out of a white gloss kitchen for just those reasons. The final clincherfor me was my mum moaning about her white gloss kitchen and changing it for somethine else.

NuttyMuffins Sun 01-Apr-07 12:39:16

Hmm well my friend wants white gloss too, and I laughed because she is very non houseworky, and she said 'yeah good point'.

cleaninglady Sun 01-Apr-07 12:39:58

yes - certifiably insane!!! i love cleaning and still wouldnt choose one !! there are so many different options im sure you can find an alternative - or a cleaner if you go with the white one

Nemo2007 Sun 01-Apr-07 12:45:58

also wouldnt choose one personally unless you want to clean down the cupboards at least once a week.
We have magnolia doors and I have to scrub them once a week at least to stop them looking too grimy.

Furball Sun 01-Apr-07 15:27:17

We went for solid oak for exactly that reason, no grubby mitt prints that show. We also went for matt work tops for same reason.

boysontoast Sun 01-Apr-07 16:13:53

yes hippi. you are MAD

noddyholder Sun 01-Apr-07 16:17:04

No gloss here either have enough trouble keeping up with the finger prints on stainless steel range.I do have white units though and they have to be cleaned a lot

boysontoast Sun 01-Apr-07 16:55:15

noddy - baby oil on the stainless steel. a blinkin miracle it is

hana Sun 01-Apr-07 16:58:10

I have to disagree!
We have the abstract from Ikea - white shiny units - and is fine. I give a wipe down to the units when I can see fingerprints and things , but it's not excessive

PeckaRolloverAgain Sun 01-Apr-07 16:58:35

Im in exactly the same position !! Which one have you chosen etc etc?

I posted a thread yesterday asking the same questions - I love them but its such a big purchase I cant afford to regret it!

PeckaRolloverAgain Sun 01-Apr-07 16:58:58

ohhh hana, I went to ikea to look at abstrakt yesterday, do you love it?

boysontoast Sun 01-Apr-07 17:03:51

shiny should in theory be easier to give a quick wipe over than matt, which youd have a scrub a bit...

<lamely tries to be objective>

i like shiny too... but is it a fashion fad? will you like it for years and years?im not much help am i??lol

hana Sun 01-Apr-07 17:05:14

I love love love our kitchen. it's 3 years old now and still looks fab. would have loved granite worksurfaces, we may upgrade one day... but no, it's not dated and won't date.
go for it!

busy2busy Sun 01-Apr-07 22:01:50

Oh dear. My Abstrakt Ikea white gloss kitchen arrived in boxes today home delivery.

I didn't think about the cleaning. Looks good in Ikea though.

Not sure if it will date. Well it's bought now

hana Sun 01-Apr-07 22:28:06

white kitchens won't date!! have a look at any interiors magazine, or trade magazine and 99.9% of the kitchens will be white
you've made a great choice busy2busy!

Lact8 Sun 01-Apr-07 22:35:57

The first house I bought had a gorgeous white kitchen already fitted when we moved in ( it was the kitchen that made my mind up on buying)

But living with it everyday was hard work, a couple of days neglecting it and it did look grubby

Though I'm hankering after a new kitchen and I'm very at all you Abstrakt owners

<stomps off to kick perfectly fine, unable to justify replacing boring kitchen cupboards>

cheeryface Sun 01-Apr-07 22:38:51

i have white gloss with glossy wood tops too. i love it and it isn't too bad for cleaning.

ucm Sun 01-Apr-07 22:40:21

The only tip I can give you is that if you have a white kitchen, you will be continually wiping doors etc so it will be clean.

Wags Sun 01-Apr-07 22:46:08

We have got cream gloss, fitted last July, have 2 kids under 4 and 2 Dalmatians. Don't find it a problem at all they seem to look sparkly all the time and anything on them just wipes off. I hardly ever clean them, only the one that is next to the dishwasher which gets a bit dirtier. I have cleaners in but only once every 3 weeks so I guess they wipe them all over then. Thought them might look grubby but I actually think they look cleaner than my previous kitchen which was light wood.

fairyjay Sun 01-Apr-07 22:56:13

We have a white gloss kitchen, and it's absolutely fine. Looking spotless now. And I don't believe in housework!!!

hippipotami Mon 02-Apr-07 10:19:54

It is the white Ikea Abstrakt we have chosen. However, we also like the Beach Adel and the Oak one-I-cannot-remember-which-weird-name-it-had.

MMm, may have to think...

At the moment we have a disintegrating 20 year old grey/blue Schreiber kitchen (was here when we moved in), the doors are matt and slightly textured, and stains no longer come out unless I attack them with a scrubbing brush and a bottle of bleach.

The decor of our house is wood floorboards throughout, cream walls throughout, white skirting and doors, and then a real mishmash of wood furniture (junk yard finds and old items) The house is victorian.
So, would white Abstrakt even go with this, or do I go for a sympathetic wood. (but we already have a hotchpotch of different types and colours of wood throughout the house, would it be too much...?

AAAAARRRGGGGHHHH, I cannot even decide on my own kitchen - it is too hard....

<h collapses in a gibbering heap surrounded by kitchen brochures....>

KTeePee Mon 02-Apr-07 13:22:35

We live in an Edwardian house and I thought the Abstract would be too "modern" for it - so we have gone for the Adel in cream. (But it is not high gloss) - maybe a shaker style in gloss finish would suit better?

Piffle Mon 02-Apr-07 13:32:30

E cloth is what you need for high gloss
I've got the adel cream/yellow one, dead easy to clean

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