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Bogged down by choice of Hoover. Which one would you recommend?

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Rebecca75 Mon 21-Aug-17 11:35:41

Right then. I've got a Dyson animal upright which is for sale on eBay as I hate it - the worst and most expensive vacuum I've ever owned.
Don't want to make another expensive mistake so recommendations please...
My requirements - corded, bagless. I've got a dog, filthy children, a long haired girl, wooden, tiled and carpet floors. I want something that's easy to manoeuvre, picks up all the dirt.
I've looked at shark, miele and vax.

HerOtherHalf Mon 21-Aug-17 11:38:14

Place marking as I am in the market and have similar requirements.

Out of interest, when you say you have looked at Shark, Miele and Vax, are they still on your list of possibles or have you ruled them out? I've seen lots of good comments for the first two but interested in your views if you've discounted them.

SandysMam Mon 21-Aug-17 11:38:51

Shark Rocket stick! Does everything I need it too and the cable is super long. Love it!

wowfudge Mon 21-Aug-17 11:45:24

I went back to bagged recently with a Sebo. It's brilliant. I used to have to empty the Electrolux Gazelle three times when vacuuming our house in order to keep suction. I've had the Sebo three months and haven't had to change the bag. The suction is great, the tools are great and it has a power boost button that beats the muck out. We have one carpet in particular which has never looked so clean. I'm converted.

Stefalop Mon 21-Aug-17 11:49:42

Had this for 3 weeks and absolutely love it!!! I didn't agree at first but the husband went on and on about it. Then we went to a mutual friends house and they had it. The wife told me she NEVER vacuums. All you do is push the button when you leave the house and away it goes? It even outs itself back in the charger once it's finished. If you want a room properly clean then close the doors of that room. I'm properly impressed. I've an 8 DA and and 10 month old DD never mind the cat and my long hair. I'm forever vacuuming until this little robot reluctantly arrives in my life.

Stefalop Mon 21-Aug-17 11:50:50

8 year old DS. I swear predictive text is annoying.

Rebecca75 Mon 21-Aug-17 11:50:58

Hi HerOtherHalf.
No I haven't discounted them all, there are so many reviews online - my oh thinks I'm turning into a sad obsessive old woman as I'm constantly looking at reviews etc (think I'm starting to agree with him)!!
The only thing that puts me off the miele is buying bags as I think thatl add a lot of cost in the long run.

StormTreader Mon 21-Aug-17 11:52:14

I had a tradesman friend recently recommend me the Titan - he has the wet & dry one and says he sucks up plaster dust and all sorts from his jobs with it no problem, £40 from Screwfix.

Rebecca75 Mon 21-Aug-17 11:52:42

Wowfudge - which Sebo model do you have? It's prob one of the few brands that I haven't nerded yet...!

FiveShelties Mon 21-Aug-17 11:53:31

Sebo everytime - it almost makes vacuuming a pleasure (but not quite).

SwearyBerry Mon 21-Aug-17 11:54:41

Another vote for sebo - its fab!

rabbit123 Mon 21-Aug-17 12:17:15

Ours is over 20 years old and still works like new

Rebecca75 Mon 21-Aug-17 12:18:05

So, for all you bagged Hoover owners - how long does a bag last for?

Rebecca75 Mon 21-Aug-17 12:20:00

Which model do you have?

joannegrady90 Mon 21-Aug-17 12:24:16

I have a hoover can't remember the model but it's a blue pets one. It's awesome paid about £60 for it.

HerOtherHalf Mon 21-Aug-17 12:24:42

I'm no expert Rebecca but is the cost of replacing bags a red herring perhaps? We have a bagless Vax currently and whilst we don't have to buy bags, we have to replace the filter regularly. I would have thought what you spend on bags you probably save on filters.

BumWad Mon 21-Aug-17 12:25:12

Sebo automatic! It's brilliant, very sturdy I love it

Kofa Mon 21-Aug-17 12:32:26

OP what is the problem with the Dyson Animal upright? I was about to order the V7 online shock. Watching with interest!

Dina1234 Mon 21-Aug-17 12:45:52

We have a Miele with a bag. The bag isn't an inconvenience and it works really well. Miele in general makes great vacuums. I've. Ever gone across one that i don't like.

OoohMavis Mon 21-Aug-17 13:05:23

i'm also struggling - replacing a clapped out 7 year old Dyson animal upright that failed to change my life and can't decide between Shark Liftaway, Miele Blizzard and a Bagged C3 Miele CatandDog.

Have very long furred shedding retriever, cats, children and a DH who's allergic to everything he's been tested for.

wowfudge Mon 21-Aug-17 14:12:10

Hi OP - we have the Sebo X4 Pet. We don't have pets but it has the carpet beating power boost which I thought was worth an extra £30. I used to buy filter covers for the crappy Electrolux otherwise the filter clogged really quickly and then there was the cost of a couple of new filters every year. The Sebo was much more expensive but I was losing the will to live with the other one, especially after we moved to a bigger house with more stairs!

HurtyTeeth Mon 21-Aug-17 14:14:17

I'd recommend the Shark and as my second choice, a Miele. We've had both (have both) and knocks the socks off Dyson and similar.

terrylene Mon 21-Aug-17 14:19:01

I was going to say 'do not get one of those Dyson ball things unless you have the wrists of a wrestler' but you seem to have got there already.

When my (ball-free but disappointing on the tools front - no where near the convenience of the DC04 it replaced, although the suck is much better) Dyson dies, I am thinking of a Meile cylinder with the electric brush bit. But I like not using the bags.

Failing that, I would like a robot one for fun.

AnnieAnoniMouse Mon 21-Aug-17 14:21:33

I LOVE my Henry. He will pick up anything & everything - including long hair. The bags last ages.

I HATE the very expensive cordless Van.

AnnieAnoniMouse Mon 21-Aug-17 14:22:53

I prefer the bags as they don't make so much mess as emptying the cylinders does. IMO.

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