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Potatoes from veg box feel spongy and are green underneath the skin - are they edible??

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morningpaper Tue 27-Mar-07 21:03:17

I find that nearly all my organic pots have a green tinge after a few days

As they would have stored them this way 100 years ago I just chop the green bits off and eat them

Donk Tue 27-Mar-07 21:01:56

DO NOT EAT GREEN POTATOES - they contain and alkaloid poison called solanine. Even the non-green bits contain it (the green is just the chlorophyll that has been produced by the potato to allow it to photosynthesise....)

tortoise Tue 27-Mar-07 20:59:00

I have eaten potatoes that are going green as long as i peel a good layer of greenness away!

Dinosaur Tue 27-Mar-07 20:57:28

TrinityRhino, take note!

zephyrcat Tue 27-Mar-07 20:56:36

Nope you musn't eat green potatoes.

Dinosaur Tue 27-Mar-07 20:54:10

Are you sure, Trinity?

this seems to suggest they are rather bad for one!

Er, anyone else out there?

TrinityRhino Tue 27-Mar-07 20:50:06

the 'not eating green potatoes' stems from when growing them you mustn'yt eat the green ones that are the seed potatoes (or something like that, I'm no garderner) but green potatoes that have gone green because they haven't been stored in the complete dark are ok to eat

nickytwotimes Tue 27-Mar-07 20:49:26

mom is right. them there green tatties are not for the eating

MerlinsBeard Tue 27-Mar-07 20:48:21

nooooo don't eat green potatoes!

Dinosaur Tue 27-Mar-07 20:46:53

I have a notion that green potatoes aren't very good for you! Does anyone know if the darn things are edible, or should they just go straight in the compost bin?

(From organic vegetable box to compost bin in just 10 minutes, and several quid down the drain - gah!)

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