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Shoes on or off?

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crazykitten20 Sun 25-Jun-17 14:25:56

Do you and your family take your shoes off before you go into your home?

Do you ask tradespeople/friends to take their shoes off too?

I have friends who do and friends who don't. What's your take on it?

JohnLapsleyParlabane Sun 25-Jun-17 14:28:44

We are a shoes off on carpet house. The ground floor is hard flooring so can easily be cleaned. The stairs, middle and top floors have a mix of floor coverings and we have a toddler so everyone takes their shoes off at the bottom of the stairs.

ShatnersBassoon Sun 25-Jun-17 14:33:18

Shoes on for a brief visit. I hate the awkwardness of people having to take them off, then watching them put them back on before you can say goodbye.

wowfudge Sun 25-Jun-17 14:34:31

No - shoes on. A lot of tradespeople take their work shoes off when they come in to quote or go upstairs when they've been mainly working downstairs I find. I would never ask visitors to remove their shoes - as host you don't want to make people feel uncomfortable.

AmyB1986 Sun 25-Jun-17 16:22:03

We take our shoes off as do guests. Trades people etc I don't ask to take off their shoes as they're working and may be part of their ppe.
We mainly take our shoes off as the children are crawling around the floor and playing there, we don't know what's on our shoes.

Bluntness100 Sun 25-Jun-17 16:48:51

We take our shoes off, but I'm not precious about it. I never ask guests to take theirs off and don't know anyone who does.

KingJoffreysRestingCuntface Sun 25-Jun-17 16:53:43

Don't care either way.

Door handles are dirtier than the floor, no one has a mittens on/mittens off rule.

e1y1 Tue 27-Jun-17 02:33:10

Shoes off - almost without exception.

People who live here - shoes off, no ifs ands, or buts.
Visitors (frequent/family/friends) - off, they all do it as it is something we have always done.
Visitors (infrequent) - mostly do ask, depends on who it is/how awkward it would be to ask.
Tradesmen - they almost always offer, or put sheets down/or shoe protectors on. If they don't, depends on their shoes/weather at the time, if dirty shoes/bad weather, and they don't offer/or put anything down, I will put runners down as much as I can where they'll be working.

I sound a right knob.

ThroughThickAndThin01 Tue 27-Jun-17 02:40:05

Family who live in our house shoes off.

Never ever ask anyone else to take shoes off. The thought makes me absolutely cringe. So rude.

Dawnedlightly Tue 27-Jun-17 02:42:15

I'm shoes off and take slippers when visiting family and good friends. No one else in the family does hmm and I wouldn't ask guests.

WhatToDoAboutThis2017 Tue 27-Jun-17 02:44:28

Off. There ain't nobody coming in my house with their shoes on!

Dozyoldtwonk Tue 27-Jun-17 02:59:18

In the areas of the house with carpet (everywhere except kitchen & bathroom which is downstairs) - off, always - with the exception of tradesmen & then I will likely lay towels out on their path through the hallway or wherever they're heading grin. My toddler will also come in & out if she's playing in the garden with shoes on. For everyone else, if they're going into a carpeted room/part of the house, I always ask them to remove shoes. I don't understand why it would make anyone cringe or embarrassed to ask visitors to remove their shoes? hmm When I've spent a King's ransom on naice carpet & have two DC under 2 crawling about, I'm not going to apologise to anyone for wanting to keep it as clean & 'new' as possible! The thought of anyone traipsing upstairs with their shoes on makes me feel ill over dramatic but true. Even the toddler knows to remove her shoes before going upstairs smile

BigYellowJumper Tue 27-Jun-17 03:05:43

Off. My husband is Korean and it is just too weird for him to have shoes on inside.

We have slippers that people can wear if they want.

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