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Housecleaner hours advice

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babynelly2010 Thu 22-Jun-17 15:13:50

I have 4 bedroom terraced house with 3 bathrooms and cloak room. Today I got a try out cleaner. She came in and did a lot more than I thought she would do in 2 hours, I was happy.
She was from the agency, she said to properly clean my house she would like 3.5 hours. I do clean my house but with 3 children I can never get it to perfect stage. I did calculations and can afford about 8 hours of cleaning help a month. I thought I would get cleaner ever 2 weeks for 4 hours or every week for 2 hours. Which is better?
I do some cleaning. Any advise please from expert house keepers with cleaning help.

Redglitter Thu 22-Jun-17 15:16:58

Go for weekly. I used to get fortnightly and changed cleaners and now get someone weekly for less time. I love having her come weekly. I definitely prefer a shorter weekly clean to a longer fortnightly one.

PetalMePotts Thu 22-Jun-17 17:37:07

Four hours every other week. She can do a really thorough clean in that time, paintwork, tiles, skirtings, ledges as well all the usual surfaces, I find that after the cleaner has been it stays tidier and cleaner for 2 weeks.

iloveanicecake Sat 24-Jun-17 17:29:21

I'd go for weekly, some jobs won't need doing every week. Be realistic about what can be achieved in 2 hours and it will work out fine.

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