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What's under your kitchen sink?

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Foureyedfox Thu 08-Jun-17 08:43:45

Hi in the process of decluttering and need to tackle the joy that is under the sink.
Any ideas on minimising the products I keep there/use and ideas for organisation/storage?

WiltingTulip Thu 08-Jun-17 09:01:01

I have a bucket and in that there is some microfiber cloths, a bottle of spray for all cleaning purposes, washable mop pads, a glass squeegee (? Is that what it's called??) and next to the bucket are some vases.

I have a double sink and one side has a "lid thing" so I keep dishwashing liquid, brush and a small drainer in the sink hidden by it. I will move the dishwashing tablets under the sink (I bought them in bulk so the box was too big).

Under one half of the sink is a pull out drawer with the bins. It has a shelf that houses bin liners, plastic bags to recycle, wipes (try not to use wipes often) and a small plastic container for the food waste to go in the composting bin.

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