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Your best and worse clothes pegs purchases please

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RTKangaMummy Mon 05-Jun-17 23:58:18

I now have a new washing line outside but need new clothes pegs


Really like plastic ones


Please tell me your best ones? smilesmilesmilesmile

And worse ones sadsadsadsad

Please give me links to the shops they are from?

Thank you so much


HarrietSchulenberg Tue 06-Jun-17 00:23:18

I just have bog standard wooden ones from local hardware shop. They're great. I've got some plastic ones too but I pick the wooden ones out of the bag first every time.

Flamingale Tue 06-Jun-17 02:42:44

Given that you are so excited about clothes pegs, I'll recommend these before toddling off to bed.

I've had them for years and still going strong. Lovely colours and don't mark the clothes too much.

You can also pick up the same type in some supermarkets.

And remember there's an art to pegging out. For me an item has to be hung inside out and upside down with a pair of pegs of the same colour. Next item on the line has to have matching pegs of a different colour and so on.

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