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Wedding dress stain

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BoobieHolster Fri 02-Jun-17 09:43:09

I don't know if this is the right thread really but I hope some of you might have some advice?
I got my old wedding dress out today and it has this really weird stain on it, kind of yellow and spread out, as if someone has tipped an entire cup of tea on it! It looks like it's been wet but it hasn't to my knowledge, and has just been stored in its bag in a dry wardrobe. It's not like I'll ever wear it again but I wanted to keep it - can this be salvaged do you think? And what is it?! (Pic should be attached)

BoobieHolster Fri 02-Jun-17 09:49:12

And my veil too, it's like it's gone rusty in patches, but I only wore it for about an hour at most!

user1495915742 Fri 02-Jun-17 10:00:10

No idea

Did you have it dry cleaned after?

I'd take it to the dry cleaners and see if they can help. Might cost £70 or so.

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