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Ammonia smell

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mediocremumatherbest Thu 25-May-17 20:37:58

Somebody please help me, I feel like I'm going crazy. There has been a distinct ammonia smell in my living room, just my living room, for a couple of months now. Coincidentally around the time I redecorated so I just kind of assumed it was 'new room smell' 🙈 anyway it smells very much like cat pee. I know because I've owned two that sprayed all over my entire flat I had to move. I've washed, sniffed, scrubbed everything but when I got my nose down to the fire it seemed to be coming from there... could it?! How do you rid the smell when you can't find the source?! Just to answer your undoubted questions no we don't have pets, pets haven't resided here for many years and there is only one window in the living room, very high up that I doubt a cat could get in. Anybody been through anything similar?!

Oldwestaction Tue 30-May-17 09:19:52

Bumping for you with the hope of answers! I have a similar problem in my kitchen. Just in one corner. Cleaned and cleaned and cleaned but there's still a smell that i just can't locate! It's like one of those annoying itches you get that keep moving every time you think you've found it!

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