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Help!!!! My washing machine has packed in!!!

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Comealongpond89 Thu 18-May-17 11:18:33

Please help!!! My washing machine is being weird. It won't drain properly. When it drains the water comes up the plug in the kitchen sink and then drains back into the washing machine. What does this mean? Is there a way to fix it? I really can't afford another one, even a 2nd hand one. I've pulled the filter out of the bottom and it's clean and no water comes out that way. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. TIA

wowfudge Thu 18-May-17 14:20:30

I'm no expert but it sounds to me as though the problem is not with the machine, but with the plumbing. I think you have a blockage in the pipework under the sink. As a washing machine pumps out a lot of water at once when it drains, there's more water than when you, say, run a tap so it's more noticeable that the water isn't draining away.

Try soda crystals and boiling water to see if the blockage will dissolve.

If that doesn't work, you might need to take the sink waste apart to find out what's going on. Have you looked at the drain outside to see if that is clear?

Comealongpond89 Thu 18-May-17 15:50:09

Thanks for the response. U were absolutely right. The pipe under the sink was blocked. All working again now thank God!

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