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Zoflora - now what?!

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Fortifiedwithvitaminsandiron Wed 17-May-17 21:31:41

I've read countless ravings about Zoflora lately. I had never heard if it until a couple of weeks ago but since I first heard of it, I seem to keep hearing it being mentioned. I saw some in the supermarket today and thought I'd try some. So, what are your best tips/uses for this supposedly-magical stuff? Help!

Shinesun9 Wed 17-May-17 21:51:16

Mix with warm water in spray bottle and spritz everywhere like febreeze

Shinesun9 Wed 17-May-17 21:51:50

Put a little bit in the fabric con part of washing machine when washing things like towels/bed sheets

NoCapes Wed 17-May-17 21:52:46

Soak a cotton ball in it and Hoover it up, smells lovely every time you Hoover

Shinesun9 Wed 17-May-17 21:56:33

Also spray and wipe down all my internal doors and radiators, when you walk into the house/a room you can smell it

Zoflorabore Wed 17-May-17 22:00:54

Yy to front door, I use it to wipe down skirting boards after dusting them, cotton wool soaked in it sucked up Hoover, neat on worktops ( can still smell 8 hours later )
And pretty much everything grin

What one did you get op?

Fortifiedwithvitaminsandiron Wed 17-May-17 22:40:11

I have 'bouquet' I think it's called?? I also picked up lavender but no idea why as I have never liked lavender scent - I think I got over-excited.

LOVING the hoover idea as I have a wonderful, delightful dog, but our hoover very quickly clogs up with a particular 'scent' that is only attributable to him and I am forever changing half-empty bags (we're old school, no cyclone suction yet) so looking forward to trying that out tomorrow, although I just felt a tinge of sadness at the fact that this is exciting me.

Zoflorabore Wed 17-May-17 23:59:37

Haha op you will be hooked grin

Bouquet is my all time favourite, aswell as "country garden" it's in a lime green box, I'm still missing my " winter morning " which was a Christmas limited edition one that comes out every year.
On a previous thread, someone stockpiled around 50 bottles of their favourite winter one!

Will think of som more uses for you, enjoy...

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