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Washing sofa covers

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OhDearToby Wed 17-May-17 08:46:39

Our sofa is erm...well loved. 2 dc and a dog have left it looking pretty grubby but it's comfy and huge and to replace it would be ££££.

The covers are removable and according to the label are 83% polyester and 17% cotton. Sponge clean only. Would I be crazy to throw one in the washing machine on a very gentle cycle and see how it comes out? My other option is hiring one of those rug doctor things and attacking it with the upholstery tool.

Cornishmumofone Wed 17-May-17 08:51:48

Does it come with matching cushions? Try one of those first, if you can. Washing it may remove stain preventer/flame retardant etc... But if it's really old and grubby that might not bother you.

OhDearToby Wed 17-May-17 09:14:02

No matching cushions unfortunately but all the seat cushions are separately covered so would do one of the corner ones first as a trial because I could hide that with throws etc if needs be.

dotandstripe Wed 17-May-17 09:21:35

I washed mine when it had a drink spilt on it and it was fine. They might shrink a bit though so try to shape them when damp to stretch them.

Maudlinmaud Wed 17-May-17 09:23:29

I throw mine in the machine every few months. I have a cream and beige sofa in one room so it's a must. I put them on a gentle cycle and nothing has ever happened. Have a very large corner sofa so I split the load and wash two covers at a time. Only thing that bugs me is putting them back on as it's fiddly. I did have a man come in to steam clean them at first but just took a chance on washing them myself.

OhDearToby Wed 17-May-17 11:36:29


I did some googling and found advice to put them back on when slightly damp to prevent them getting out of shape which makes sense but will have to wait for a sunny day so I can leave them in the garden to dry completely I guess.

Nanasueathome Wed 17-May-17 11:39:32

I regularly wash mine (4 sofas...a messy dog)
Wash on a cold setting
Maybe a bit tight to get back on to the cushions but I've always managed and never had a problem

OhDearToby Wed 17-May-17 13:03:40

Right I'm going to try it!

Does anyone have any recommendations on what to wash them with? I'd like some kind of stain remover I think. They really are quite gross.

Cornishmumofone Wed 17-May-17 23:03:41

Sports wash is good, if you can get hold of it.

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