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Carbon steel pan help

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misforme Tue 16-May-17 19:44:25

I have been looking for a small frying pan to work on my induction hob for a while so when I saw one in Morrisons that I liked the size of I was overjoyed. Turns out it is a carbon steel pan and it says it should be seasoned(?) and only wiped clean. I was very much hoping for a 'standard' pan which could be used straight away. I also want to be able to clean it properly as it's for preparing of baby food.
Does anyone know if I can just use it normally without seasoning and wash in soapy water? And
Can it make food unsafe if I do that?
Thanks so much.

wowfudge Tue 16-May-17 19:51:44

Just season it - food won't stick and it will be perfectly safe for your baby. If you don't​ do that it'll just go rusty and everything will stick. If you are not sure how to season it, have a look on YouTube.

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