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How to clean a white football shirt?

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nashbar Tue 16-May-17 11:10:50

Ds2 came back from football training last night covered in mud. This is normal - however he had worn his white england shirt. I shoved it all in the machine with ds1's football stuff from the night before - he had been sensibly dressed by me in dark colours! Rinsed and then washed with bio. White football shirt is still muddy - it looks awful. Have another load to do now as 3 out of 4 had footie this morning. So how can I save this white shirt?

flyingporkies Tue 16-May-17 14:12:26

Liquid Soda Crystals You can buy it in Wilkos, in a spray bottle and use it straight on the stains. It hasn't got bleach in it either. Doesn't matter if you've already washed it, I often put something back in the machine with a spray of Soda Crystals and it comes out fine.

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