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Washing machine black around rubber seal.

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HappydaysArehere Tue 16-May-17 09:28:57

This is my friend's problem. She has made the mistake of never washing higher than 40 degrees. She says she had this problem on previous washing machine. Now she knows the cause is there anyway she can remove the black. It looks really bad, completely covered. Has anyone managed to deal with this?

rabbit123 Tue 16-May-17 09:52:51

Run the machine empty on the hottest, longest wash with a tiny squirt of bleach.
Is your friend using liquid or pods? If so, ditch those & use powder as it doesn't leave the washer mouldy

HappydaysArehere Tue 16-May-17 19:59:31

Thank you rabbit. I will tell her. I dont know what she uses. The bleach and the hottest wash is a good idea. I will tell her it should be a tiny squirt and mention the powder. I hope it works as it looks terrible. I noticed the black when I saw her getting washing out awhile ago but didn't want to upset her. However, she has just asked me ifI had the same problem which gave me the opportunity to tell her about the necessity to use regular hot washes in between those of a low temperature. I said I would ask mumsnetters so thank you.

rabbit123 Wed 17-May-17 08:29:57

You're welcome smile.
Bio & non bio powders contain icy bleach whereas liquids don't so switching to powder will mean no need to bleach the washer out again

SwimmingInTheDeepBlueSea Wed 17-May-17 09:37:52

The black will never fully go, as the rubber seal will be stained. But she can kill all the mould in the machine and prevent it getting any worse.

If she's been using wash liquid and/or fabric conditioner, there will be a grimy film inside the machine (where you can't see), which will encourage mould growth again. Best way to fully clean inside a washing machine is boil wash with two cups of distilled (clear) malt vinegar (small amount in the draw - where both wash liquid/powder and fabric softener normally go) the remainder poured straight in the drum. Then a second boil wash with at least 2cups of soda crystals (some in the wash liquid/powder compartment, remainder in drum). Those two boil washes will kill all bacteria and mould and remove the grimy film you can't see inside the machine.

To keep machine clean in future:

- use powder not liquid

- don't use fabric softener (can use nothing or substitute it with an equal amount of clear distilled malt vinegar (no the clothes won't smell of vinegar - the vinegar kills bacteria, stops static and is a natural softener because it strips oils and grease (added by commercial fabric softeners)).

- Wash at 40

- in whites wash use soda crystals, alongside the powder. It will give you ultra white whites and ensure there is no grime build up starting in the machine.

SwimmingInTheDeepBlueSea Wed 17-May-17 09:40:17

Oh and a monthly boil wash is recommended but if you follow all of the above not to important.

HappydaysArehere Wed 17-May-17 09:42:46

I didn't know that. I have been using fairy non-bio gel which I put directly into the machine to avoid causing a build up in the drawer. I will be looking to see if I can get a powder that goes into some kind of container in the machine. Thanks again.

SwimmingInTheDeepBlueSea Wed 17-May-17 10:02:31

Powder shouldn't cause a build up in the draw. With the gel going directly into the drum - it's still causing that horrible build up you'd have otherwise seen in the drawer, just where you can't see it.

rabbit123 Wed 17-May-17 10:07:51

I use fabric softener on some washes and have no mould or slime build up in my washer or in the drawer. I only ever use powder though and all my bedding and towels get washed on 60 degrees, so that's probably what's keeping the machine clean.
I've got a bottle of Persil liquid but only ever use it for hand washing or presoaking, never in the machine

specialsubject Wed 17-May-17 17:30:00

it doesn't come off. Replacing the seal is a bastard of a job, don't try it.

if you have a septic tank you are stuck with liquid, because the washing machine is less important than the tank. I also wash mostly on 40 and have a mouldy seal despite doing everything else right. Can't use washing machine cleaners due to the septic tank, so next job is to disconnect the pipe, make it drain into a bucket and run a wash with bleach etc. That will be a rock'n'roll couple of hours. :-)

rabbit123 Wed 17-May-17 17:57:54

specialsubject Ecover & BioD powders are suitable for septic tanks, despite containing bleaching agents

HappydaysArehere Thu 18-May-17 10:01:29

Thank you Swimming. I do not have a boiling temp but will do it on my 90 which I use every couple of weeks. I will be giving all this info to my friend. I wasn't hopeful about her getting rid of the black but at least she can remove the cause and stem the problem. I am shopping this morning for clear distilled malt vinegar and looking for a replacement for my fairy non-bio gel. I have never had black around my machine but I do wash at 60 regularly and as said 90 also. Thank you everyone.

specialsubject Thu 18-May-17 10:46:58

rabbit - thanks , the issue isn't just the bleach ( although my cheap liquid doesn't seem to have any) but that powder can clog the tank. Will investigate.

specialsubject Thu 18-May-17 10:48:00

Cheapest source of vinegar is the wilko spray bottle, don't buy from supermarkets.

HappydaysArehere Fri 19-May-17 10:00:23

Specialsubject, thank you. I bought a Sainsbury's one for 50p but will be looking in Wilko's. Looked at the fairy bio powder with a view to change but cannot work out how much you put in for a normal wash. I used to have a measure for powder which I had to ring up for but couldn't see that option on the packet. There was a diagram mentioning mils which wasn't much help for powder. I suppose I must be missing something. I always put the powder/gel directly into machine as I was told years ago that this is what you should do as it eliminates problems.

rabbit123 Fri 19-May-17 14:42:41

Happydays, you can get a free scoop online.

Deux Sat 20-May-17 11:11:13

A few other things. A mild bleach solution or Mr Muscle Kitchen spray on the rubber seal to reduce the black gunk.

After every wash, dry off the rubber seal and glass door with a cloth and leave the door open to air and dry the machine. There's always a little puddle of water left in the seal. This can lead to the rubber ultimately perishing and necessitating repair.

specialsubject Sat 20-May-17 13:43:55

If the same size then sainsbo is cheaper!! I will recheck when I next run out.

HappydaysArehere Sat 20-May-17 20:29:27

Thank you for the link rabbit. That is great.
Deux thank you for those ideas. I will tell her tomorrow. She has already bought the vinegar, soda and bleach to try. smile

QuiltingFlower Mon 22-May-17 08:59:49

One capful of Dettol laundry cleanser in the rinse compartment will sort that out over a week or 10 days. It has the added benefit that if you inadvertently leave the wet washing in the machine it won't smell and need re washing. FAB stuff.

HappydaysArehere Tue 23-May-17 19:15:32

Brilliant Quilting. I had no idea about the Dettol laundry cleaner. Thank you.

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