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Sewing - is there any point in unpicking am overlocked seam?

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lborgia Wed 10-May-17 05:31:37

I haven't done any sewing for decades but am back a little. I was to take a ruffle off the bottom of a hem, I've just seen that not only is there the seam, it has been overlocked too.

I could just chop it off but really wanted to keep the length. Waste of time?


wowfudge Wed 10-May-17 10:39:00

Are you going to have to hem it once you have removed the ruffle? If so just cut it off and have a small hem. Might be easier to sew the hem by hand and it will probably give a better finish anyway.

lborgia Wed 10-May-17 12:56:39

Thanks for that, very logical! Cheers!

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