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What do you find important when buying cleaning products?

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user1492864385 Sun 23-Apr-17 11:47:22

Do you guys find eco-friendly important, sensitivity, smell, effectiveness at killing germs, price?

CauliflowerSqueeze Sun 23-Apr-17 11:48:15

Effectiveness of cleaning and smell

BurningViolin Sun 23-Apr-17 18:02:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RedBugMug Sun 23-Apr-17 18:04:22

that it doesn't strip the skin off my hands.
ecofriendly is def on top of my list.

TheScottishPlay Sun 23-Apr-17 18:08:14

That it has the leaping bunny logo.
Method is a current favourite especially the pomegranate washing liquid and wild rhubarb anti-bac spray.

DurhamDurham Sun 23-Apr-17 18:11:41

Effectiveness at cleaning followed closely by price. I like Aldi cleaning products.

AuntiePushpa Sun 23-Apr-17 18:29:18

In this order: effectiveness, personal recommendations, eco-friendly, price. Probably I'd stop getting if it smelt disgusting or was a pain to use in some way.

2015mom Tue 25-Apr-17 10:51:06

Price, smell & effectiveness of cleaning, smell then price. I tried Aldi cleaning products but didn't the like the smell so went back to poundshop to get Flash & Dettol sprays

Sunnysidegold Thu 27-Apr-17 17:24:59

Effectiveness then smell then ecological then price. I love method products and stock up on the pomegranate one when I see it

MerlinsScarf Thu 27-Apr-17 17:35:57

Effective, animal friendly and eco-friendly are at the top for us. We would use a harsher smelling product for occasional big cleans but prefer a fresh scent for regular use. Price is important but our house rule is that it's not a saving if none of us like the cheaper product.

floraeasy Thu 27-Apr-17 17:36:58

Ease of use and smell for me.

5buttons Thu 04-May-17 23:58:39

Leaping bunny logo for me too. Recently discovered the Astonish range available in likes of Home Bargains and many supermarkets is cruelty free and vegan tbusmile

piefacedClique Thu 04-May-17 23:59:45

If the cleaner will like them? 😂😂😂

EatsShitAndLeaves Fri 05-May-17 00:11:33

I have eczema as does DS so in general I buy eco/natural products.

To clarify "in general" I try and make my own. Using bicarbonate/lemon/vinegar and use eco cloths.

I use olive oil on wood after dusting to revive the wood.

I have a steam cleaner for tiles that I add a few drops of essential oil into.

I'm far from an eco mum my car disqualifies me immediately I just want to reduce the chemicals in my home.

GetInTheFuckingSea Fri 05-May-17 00:16:58

5buttons I'm a massive Astonish fan and have been for years. It's brilliant. I initially bought it because it was cheap but actually I find it way more effective than Flash etc and as you say it's very green so it ticks boxes I hadn't even thought of but am happy about.

spiney Tue 23-May-17 23:56:20

Smell is a deal breaker for me. Can't stand heavy duty chemical 'mr muscle' type smells whilst I'm using them or lingering afterwards. I was delighted when Method came on the scene and stick to them. Great smells and they do the job.

BorisTrumpsHair Wed 24-May-17 16:33:48

ecco, smell, effectiveness - in that order.

Love Method though disappointed they are doing away with their ultra concentrated laundry liquid and replacing it with over scented not so concentrated no refill stuff.

purplecabbage Wed 24-May-17 18:14:40

The eco factor is paramount for me - not solely to reduce the environmental impact - but also to reduce the toxic load entering my and my family's body. It's pretty hard to avoid toxins in the modern world, but this is one are where we can minimize potential harm.

mogmum Thu 25-May-17 15:09:31

Cruelty free.

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