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My energy usage is up 9% and bill is up 26%

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beforeihit30 Sun 23-Apr-17 11:31:19

We have electric only <grumble> and Economy 7 <more grumbling> but this is typical for my area. I've lived here 3 years and our usage has slowly grown as so has our family, so that's fair enough. My account says our usage is 9% higher than last year.

However since last year, my bill has gone from £76 to £96 monthly hmm I supposed this could be if there was more usage during the day when it's more expensive, but I don't think so I should probably analyse my bill in more depth

We are out of the house more, I WOH and the DCs have started school, DH SAH but doesn't really do a great deal when he's not school running! As in, nothing more than before, he's just out more.

Is electric just getting more and more expensive?! I say that knowing that energy always seems to be getting more expensive, but still...

We are a family of 4 in a small 2 bed flat, heating is now off and will be until about October, we don't have themostats because we have night storage so basically if it suddenly gets cold we don't use more energy until we've reset the heaters! We also have a water heater that heats up our water at night. Our main change is we do about 2 more loads of washing a week (5kg loads), as the DCs need way more changes of clothes now in school.

hrfvenia Sun 23-Apr-17 11:58:09

Our bill (2 adults working mon-fri, 2 bed terrace) has doubled since last year.

April 16 - £76
April 17 - £142.

I cried when we got the bill as we are due our first and I can only imagine bills increasing.

We had a new boiler installed last year and have the heating on low. 17C through the day and maximum 21C in the evening. Partner is a plumber so knows how to get the most out of the boiler.

Obviously our bill is combined so is slightly different but the only thing I could suggest would be to ring up the energy supplier and ask for a detailed breakdown and explanation as to why your bill has jumped up disproportionately to your usage. Explain that you understand prices have gone up but if they've gone up that much you will have to look elsewhere. Maybe get quotes from comparison sites and have these to hand when you speak to your supplier. They may offer you a discount, they may just say okay byee! Worth a try!

Other than that it's just basic things, turn things off at the plug (especially your microwave!!) have timers on things where possible, put your washing machine on a lower heat and a lower spin, use an airer rather than radiators and dryers etc.

Chasingsquirrels Sun 23-Apr-17 12:01:33

The only way to find out is to look at your bills in detail.

It might be increased costs.

It might be the split of usage over economy v daytime.

It might be that you'd built up arrears than are now being met through the increased payments - or that the payments are too much for your usage and you are building up a credit. Remember that if you are making set monthly payments it doesn't correlate directly with usage.

beforeihit30 Sun 23-Apr-17 16:02:51

Thanks (and hrfvenia ouch! That's a huge increase!)

I shall be combing through. We don't have a dryer or dishwasher anyway (no space), just a small washer and small fridge freezer we so need to move so everything is air dried anyway and what have you, but will pay a bit more attention to see if it's my day rate or night rate that seems to be picking up.

No overdues as we had credit, always seem to be in credit, which was part of my confusion, but will take a proper look, thanks smile

MojoMoon Sun 23-Apr-17 20:06:46

Look at your bill in detail and compare it to a previous one. Is it based on estimate use or have you submitted meter readings? Are you in surplus? Companies usually smooth out the bills over the year so you pay more than you use in summer but less than you use in winter. But this is an estimate and you could be in surplus.

When did you last switch suppliers? If more than two years ago, get on money saving expert website right now, read their advice and switch. You will save money. Everyone should switch every two years or so. Don't pussyfoot around your existing supplier, get online and find the cheapest supplier, read your meters carefully and record it somewhere safe and then switch

(And if your roof is not insulated, get it done before next winter. There are grants and programmes to assist and you will save money. Depending on the layout of your house, you may be able to do it yourself anyway.).

beforeihit30 Sun 23-Apr-17 23:54:18

Thanks everyone for the tips. Loft is insulated and we have double glazing (most places here are single glazed). I've looked through all my annual statements and there's a really obvious explanation that I missed blush The day and night rates have both gone up massively!

I checked in with MSE, I forgot I was part of the Energy Saving Club but thanks Mojo for the tip to go there, I haven't looked at it in ages. Sadly the only suggested swap is to save £24/year confused so maybe the electricity is just getting more expensive!

I submit meter readings so I think it's correct. Oh well!

Neolara Sun 23-Apr-17 23:56:06

Hasn't the terrible exchange rate led to raised prices.. Bexit consequence.

FiveShelties Mon 24-Apr-17 21:43:13

It does sound a lot, could it be something to do with your water heater? Is the temp set too high? Does your washer fill from cold tap, are you washing on a high temp wash? We have been living temp in a 2 bedroom apartment and my combined gas and el have been just over £32 per month since September. Heating on all day, temp controlled, washer used 6 times a week and lots of baths!

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