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Roomba- robot vacuum cleaners and mops.

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lisalisa Sat 22-Apr-17 23:32:00

Has anyone got one if these automatic robot vacuum cleaners or the mop one ? Do they do the job properly and how pleased or otherwise are you with it ? Seems but too good to be true to me but I'm
So very tempted as I work full time do to be able to programme a machine to vacuum and sweep sounds amazing !

MissTerry2r Sun 23-Apr-17 02:25:40

They're pretty good. HOWEVER, and this is a pretty big thing so pay attention. If you have pets ESPECIALLY DOGS/PUPS. Do not leave it on if you go out unless you can be absolutely sure the little bastard won't shit in the room being hoovered. shock shock
If you buy direct from the maker though then it'll all be fine because it comes with a lifetime guarantee regardless of reason for fault. Even if it has managed to wheel its way though rancid dog turd while flicking it up on the white walls as it goes by the skirtings. You might even find yourself with new levitating skills by hovering just above the floor to avoid stepping in the now crusty mass that has been carelessly planted into the deepest depths of the pile.
But if you're sure this won't happen and you do have a pet, at least leave a window open.

ViewPreviousHistory Sun 23-Apr-17 08:08:42

What?! There is a robot mop! I need one!

KatyBerry Sun 23-Apr-17 08:17:02

We had one, but now find a Dyson cordless much better. The roomba can't be left when you go out if you have a burglar alarm and is noisy and takes a ludicrously long time to run its cycle so is irritating when you're in. I can do in 4 minutes with the Dyson a the roomba takes over half an hour to do

lisalisa Sun 23-Apr-17 20:57:09

Thanks all. I don't mind how long it takes as I won't be in I'll be at work . It can take all day ! I just care if it does a proper job . No pets so no worries there . Any more views pls?

horizontilting Thu 27-Apr-17 22:59:58

Love ours. Had it 2 years. Love that it just goes under the bed and cleans there and that our floors are so clean as I just stick it on whenever. Love it for dry spills. Would love a mop one...(and lawn mowing one but those are v pricey)

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