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There are slugs in my sitting room

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cosmonautkitten Fri 21-Apr-17 10:06:48

(sung to the tune of There's a Hole in my Bucket grin)
We've lived in this house for almost three years now, but only in the last month or so have there been very tell tale silvery trails on the floor. No slugs have ever been in evidence until two days ago, when a friend stayed the night and slept on the sofa. Dcat very embarrassingly woke her up at about 2am by dropping mouse toys on her (thankfully not the real thing) and she noticed two (!) slugs on their way to a little slug party under the sofa.

I pulled the sofa out in the morning - no slugs under there. It's a Victorian terrace and I would have expected they'd be coming in from underneath the bay window somehow, but the trails start in the middle of the carpet and I've canvassed the area underneath the window and can't find any gaps. We can't do slug pellets because of the cat, so I was thinking about salting the carpet, but I honestly can't tell where they're coming from (and we've still never seen one ourselves). Help!

OdinsLoveChild Fri 21-Apr-17 10:10:15

I was going to ask if you have a cat. My cat used to sit on slugs in garden, they would stick to her trousers and they used to drop off in the house. No idea how to stop this though, maybe dispose of your cat and get a pot plant instead grin (Obviously lighthearted)

Theworldisfullofidiots Fri 21-Apr-17 10:14:04

Do you have wooden floorboards.....we had slugs in our victorian flat in London....

ToffeeCaramel Fri 21-Apr-17 10:14:04

We had this in our Victorian terrace. They were coming up through the gaps in the wood floor where the radiator pipes came through the floor. We tipped slug pellets down the hole which stopped it. They've not come back despite us not doing it since last year

Theworldisfullofidiots Fri 21-Apr-17 10:18:41

We had big orange ones.....

Latenightreader Fri 21-Apr-17 10:24:10

I had slugs in my kitchen for a few years (discovered with a bare foot at 2am - it takes 15 minutes scrubbing with a nailbrush to remove the sensation). I put salt down, I put copper tape around the door, I scattered slug pellets but all to no avail. Six months ago I stuffed the hole where the pipes come in under the sink with newspaper. No more slugs! No matter how tiny the gap the little wretches get in, so stuff everywhere you can imagine with whatever you can find...

cosmonautkitten Fri 21-Apr-17 10:32:05

TheWorld It's a carpet with the original floorboards underneath - I wish it were just the floorboard but unfortunately we're stuck with our landlord's choice of tatty thin beige carpet. I would personally be very happy to pull it up and liberally pellet the gaps in the floorboards, but I think that would also knock a large chunk off our deposit!

cosmonautkitten Fri 21-Apr-17 10:38:51

Odin I have actually found a single tiny slug stuck to him in the past but he's longhaired and needs a daily brush, so I'm pretty sure I would've noticed if he were responsible for our new infestation! There's lots of things I could happily blame on him, but I think he's innocent this time...

I would consider your solution but strangely enough he's much easier to keep alive than a pot plant (moment of silence for my many dried up plants over the years) wink

Theworldisfullofidiots Fri 21-Apr-17 22:14:51

Unfortunately you have a hole somewhere....
Plug the hole....or you'll find them climbing up the sofa....almost as bad as having mice...

thetroutofnocraic Sat 22-Apr-17 15:10:21

I have this problem too, Victorian terrace with a half cellar (that you can't access without lifting the floor.)
Had a guy in last week, as we've noticed some damp under the bay window, who took up the floor and told us they're getting in through the air vents (little grates near ground level on outside of bay window) and coming in under the (crap) skirtings.

Wondermoomin Sat 22-Apr-17 18:14:15

We've had this in the past as well. Because they have no bones, they can fit through the tiniest of gaps so you wouldn't necessarily spot where they're coming from. They are also constant foragers so make sure there are no crumbs etc around.

I couldn't sleep one night and while I was up having a glass of water I watched one disappear, incredulous as to how tiny the gap was. We filled it in and haven't had a problem since.

NoSquirrels Mon 24-Apr-17 14:02:00

Ugh. It's the floorboards, OP.

shudders at memory

We fixed it by moving [unhelpful]

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