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Recommend me a good mop for tiled floor with cream grout?

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iknowimcoming Tue 18-Apr-17 20:35:54

As title suggests, need something to get my kitchen floor and grout clean please? Suggestions? TIA

Sunnysidegold Wed 19-Apr-17 09:14:16

I just noticed last week that under cupboards my grout was white but everywhere it it was filthy! I have a steam mop which is good for whizzing around. I sprayed the grout with a bit of flash and then used the steam nozzle to do the grout. Half way round I realised I had a special grout attachment to use which mad things a lot easier. Obviously no one wants to drop 80 quid on a mop without thinking it through but it was so much quicker than previous efforts involving a toothbrush. I

iknowimcoming Wed 19-Apr-17 09:35:33

Thanks, I too have a steam mop but it doesn't have a nozzle or grout thingy sad I am facing doing the whole lot with bleach and a toothbrush, as most of the grout is brown with some paler bits in less trafficked areas blush I wonder if a steam cleaner is the way forward then, we are moving next year so want to get it looking nice and then keep it that way with minimum effort ideally, hmmmm

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