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Carpet Beetles!

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ButwhatTho Tue 18-Apr-17 00:19:09

May last year I noticed what I later found out to be a carpet beetle on my windowsill, after inspecting the house we found a couple of shells/larvae? From lifting up the corners of the carpet.

I don't think the house was riddled with them but we paid for pest control to come round spray the house, and pulled ALL of upstairs carpet up (laminate downstairs), and had a new carpet put down.

Now I have noticed one of my windowsill again!

Where do they come from? I know they are attracted to plants/flowers but I have none in my home, I don't even dry clothes on the line in case of them attaching to them!

Also my house is clean, I hoover and clean everyday, am puzzled as to where they are coming from. Would there be a possibility of them coming in from next door?

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