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Iron recommendations

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Frozentinkerbelle1 Sun 16-Apr-17 10:14:00


My iron is on its last legs and would like some recommendations as don't know where to start!!

Don't know whether to go for steam generator one.


Blodplod Sun 16-Apr-17 10:31:22

I just had to answer! I bought a steam generator iron about 2 years ago. I did loads of research online and opted for the Tefal Pro Express.. can honestly say it's changed my life (!!). It's so easy, glides through shirts in a matter of seconds and I'll happily iron a large super king duvet cover with ease.. haven't had such a gadget make a boring chore almost seem a pleasure. The only thing I will say is it's a bit noisy. I like to park up in front of the TV and iron at the same time as watching something trivial and you do need to turn the volume up quite a bit. It's quite a lot bigger than a conventional iron so you need space to store it and if course rest it on whilst you're using it as you can't just place the unit on the end of the ironing board. Hth

Sunnysidegold Wed 19-Apr-17 09:16:42

I second the steam generator it has made things a lot quicker for me and it's nice a light to use.i also park up in front of the tv now and will happily iron for a while now! Mines a morphy Richard's basic model about 90 quid usually on offer somewhere

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