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Electric or Oil Aga cooker

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Bri2016 Sat 15-Apr-17 11:10:49

Thinking of having a preloved electric Aga in my freezing kitchen. Any tips and what are the weekly running costs? Thanks for any comments.

squiggletea Tue 18-Apr-17 18:37:37

Will definitely warm up your kitchen! Not cheap, our oil bill last year was £110 a month, although that includes an extra delivery just before the end of the year. Electric may be cheaper and easier to turn up and down??

Cooking is scrummy though and we never use a tumble drier. Washing is usually dry overnight. Strategic folding means that it does the ironing too.

Too hot for us in the summer though, although electric may be more flexible..

Good luck with your search smile

user1487947495 Tue 18-Apr-17 18:39:12

Based on my mother's experience avoid aga brand at all costs. Rubbish after sales service and badly fitted by company that sold it.

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