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Top tips for cleaner please

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ShotsFired Fri 14-Apr-17 17:16:50

Excitingly for us, we have just booked a cleaner to come and do a spring clean, followed by setting up regular visits thereafter.

I have never had a cleaner before, so would love to hear top tips for bits I can ask her to go at either at the one-off or during her regular slot (she did say to make a note of any such "special requests").

There is just the two of us (adults who work FT) so maybe fortnightly would be enough? Or is weekly better? This is all brand new to me.

BackforGood Fri 14-Apr-17 17:24:26

My tip is to communicate with each other. There seem to regularly be threads on here where people aren't happy with their cleaner and don't know how to say.
Everybody likes different things done.
Everybody has different standards, or different things that are more important to them.
Cleaners will generally get faster once they get into routine of knowing your hose - are you fussed if they get the same job done in 1/4 hour less in 4 weeks time? Do you want them to do somethings 'on rotation' (ie, not every time they are there, but once every 4 visits or whatever?)

I love having a cleaner, but am lucky enough to be there when she arrives each week, and can happily answer any questions she has, or ask her if she minds doing X this week and not to bother with Y, etc. She is so fab she will also iron, or help me with a big tidy out, or whatever, but I suspect that is less common.

Lettherebesun Fri 14-Apr-17 17:47:28

I'm a cleaner.
I personally​ like working through a list and do extras if i have time left.
I agree that communication is key and work out ground rules. How much notice is needed for holidays, what happens if you don't need your cleaner at short notice etc.
I think weekly is better. It's easier to keep on top of and you get the pleasure of coming home to a lovely clean house once a week instead of fortnightly.

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