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Smelly kitchen cupboard

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thesnailandthewhale Wed 05-Apr-17 21:12:31

I moved house a couple of weeks ago and cleaned the whole place top to bottom on moving in day. One kitchen wall cupboard had a noticeable smell, it has a really strong musty smell. I have bleached it within an inch of its life but the smell is there every time you open the cupboard. It is a tiny kitchen so all cupboard space is precious, this cupboard is used for cups and glasses but I can't bear the smell of it.

Can anyone suggest anything else to try to shift the smell please? There is nothing visible in there, although there is a boxed in pipe from the bathroom that comes down next to the cupboard.

wowfudge Thu 06-Apr-17 18:13:45

I bet there is or has been a leak behind it. Can you take the unit out by disconnecting it from the work top and units either side then adjusting the legs so it can be pulled out? It may well be mouldy behind it.

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