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Does anybody use their mobile calendars as to do list reminders?

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2015mom Tue 04-Apr-17 14:05:46

I have used reminders and to do list apps but I have recently consolidated it so everything is in my calendar. I have two kids so I schedule reminders at a certain time in the day for example if I am out and about in town I will schedule shops I need to go to as reminders otherwise I would forget.

Or for example when my eldest has his nap I will schedule one thing to do which is not regular housework i.e. Stuff like call somebody as a reminder or sort out something

Does anybody else use their calendar for their to do list / reminders?

I have recently read articles saying it is not wise and practical to use calendars on mobile phones a small reminders/to do lists.

It is working because I will schedule things for example if I am one side of town I will schedule Calendar events to remind me to get something from a store on the way back also it is connected to my Fit bit so the alert comes up on my watch when my phone is not on me.

Just wanted to see if anybody else used calendar events for the above.

Beijingyouth Thu 06-Apr-17 07:45:00

Doesn't your calendar get massively full?

I started using use iPhone reminders recently for all the little things/errands that I need to remember (I used to have those on lots of different scraps of paper). But now these tasks are on reminders, and this might interest you: there's a date and "remind me at location" function too.

2015mom Thu 06-Apr-17 10:18:32

Yeah I used it use the reminders too but found that I had to refer to calendar too for meetings, events etc

So now I have just consolidated it to the calendar because that way I can have reminders at the event to do something close by or remind myself to do something at the event

The reminders on iPhone is great too because you can quickly put something in there using Siri i.e. Add bread to shopping list and Siri will add to reminders which is foid

2015mom Thu 06-Apr-17 10:19:53

Which Is good*

I use calendars and don't put too many things in there ... I try to keep it to do a task a day and if there is an event or appointment I will not add a task for that day

As I have toddler and baby not much I can do so it's a miracle if I get to do the one task a day lol

Archedbrowse Thu 06-Apr-17 10:40:03

I live and die by my iPhone calendar(s) OP, and do this too with the reminders [waves]. Don't apologise for your calendar love! grin

Did you know you can set a reminder to come on when you reach a certain location, e.g. When I get to work, related reminders come up?

I've also synced my husbands shift tracking app to the iPhone calendar and have shared it with relevant family members (childcare), we have a domestic one shared between myself and DH.
Basically if it's not in the calendar it doesn't happen, the calendar is law!

2015mom Thu 06-Apr-17 11:28:07

Your calendar is similar to mine as in colour coded stuff lol. I think it's great. We do meal planning and I have synced the dinner app with my husband because he always ask what's for dinner tonight hahaha

2015mom Thu 06-Apr-17 11:30:46

Also you can get alerts when it's time to leave too.. guess iPhone works out traffic for you etc

I think it's awesome ... thanks for the input archedbrowse

Also I have got the Fitbit so when my phone is not on me, my calendar event/reminder comes up on my phone

2015mom Thu 06-Apr-17 11:32:54

I am the same as you, if I have not reminded myself on calendar I forget and I don't do it

It's great because you will plan ahead and schedule things on a quiet day based on your calendar or a day when u know u will be sitting around for example hospital appointments i will also put reminders to research stuff on internet or order stuff of internet ... hopefully killing two birds with one stone

ThisNight Thu 06-Apr-17 11:36:07

I use my iPhone calendar for reminders, it works for me. I recently discovered that I can set up regular alerts which has been life changing, for example once a fortnight I have an alert to check school lunch balances and zip card top ups.

twocockers Thu 06-Apr-17 11:36:08

Oh how do you get it to do something location specific? Like when I get to work etc

2015mom Thu 06-Apr-17 13:54:42

You can set your reminders to remind you when you reach a location

The calendar alerts you can add notification to remind you when you leave to get to your destination and it reviews traffic wrx

2015mom Thu 06-Apr-17 13:55:35

So when setting a reminder select the i button and there is an option to remind at a location

Oblomov17 Thu 06-Apr-17 14:04:44

I need to do this. Sets reminder!! grin

clapintime Thu 06-Apr-17 14:25:07

Can you help? When I put in event I can set an alert, is that the same as a reminder? How do I set it for when I reach somewhere?

2015mom Thu 06-Apr-17 18:46:48

To set a reminder to give you an alert you will have to set a reminder fast which is the reminders app on iPhones. When you set a reminder then select the i which is in blue and a circle, it will bring up options to remind you on a day or at a location, select yes to 'remind you at a location' and then type in the postcode or address. You will then select option as to whether you want the reminder when you arrive or when you leave, select the one you desire. Then select details on top left hand corner and it will take you back a page and you select 'done'

Reminder is set

clapintime Thu 06-Apr-17 20:34:44

Thank you 2015, have done it and it works.

2015mom Thu 06-Apr-17 22:41:40

That's brilliant

Beijingyouth Fri 07-Apr-17 07:32:03

Add bread to shopping list and Siri will add to reminders which is good. ah....of course! Thank you OP, you've just turned me into an efficiency machine grin

Fintress Fri 07-Apr-17 07:35:50

My husband is always nagging me to set this up, he uses calendar and reminders all the time. Meanwhile I still trot out my trusty Filofax.

ShotgunNotDoingThePans Fri 07-Apr-17 07:44:27

I'm curious: if you don't complete the task is thefe any way of carrying it over to the next day/week until it gets done? I started using a bullet journal but am so rubbish at completing tasks that I was constantly re-writing the same things from week to week. I know the answer is to just do the frimkin job.

Brighteyes27 Fri 07-Apr-17 07:51:24

Yes I would be lost without it. I use the calendar on my phone to remind me about doctors, hospital appointments, parents evenings nights etc.
I use it as an alarm clock and sometimes put reminders in for anything I need to arrange prepare on a morning etc.

Honey1975 Sat 08-Apr-17 07:32:34

I use calendar for everything and set reminders to pop up. I do have to move the reminders on to the next day if I haven't completed them.

What is the difference between using the calendar to set reminders & the reminders function? I haven't used reminders before. THAnks

Beijingyouth Sat 08-Apr-17 07:53:25

Calendar can give you an alert. You can set it up to alert you on Thursday at 3pm to research holidays for example. Once it has alerted you it'll never pop up again, unless you have set the alert to repeat in a weeks time etc.

I don't like putting all the little tasks into my calendar. I use it for events/appointments only and reminders for to do lists and tasks. You can set up tasks to remind you in intervals, at a certain time, at a location. Reminders will only stop reminding you if you tick them off as done.

Honey1975 Sat 08-Apr-17 07:57:10

Beijing thanks so how often will the reminders pop up in reminders - is that all in the settings?

ProlificPoster Sat 08-Apr-17 10:07:12

I use both calendars and reminders. I like reminders as I like the to do list.

I couldn't live without them and if it's not on one of those it doesn't exist.

I love using Siri too. I use it All The time. I have no shame wink. Location based reminders are the bees knees.

BTW anyone else using Ifttt (if that then this). I use it with my car plus hive etc. It's great fun.

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