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How do you clean your jewellery? Both cheap and not so cheap stuff?

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bushwick Sun 02-Apr-17 19:59:39

Have been given a new jewellery box for my b'day and was looking at my stash of bling. Some of it is really quite tarnished and I was wondering how to go about cleaning it. Can you clean up costume stuff? Also I have some proper bling that needs tlc too. Any thought on good products? I saw a sort of jewellery bath thing, but is that just a gimmick? What do jewellers use?

itwillallturnarounds Sun 02-Apr-17 20:17:56

My nan gave me some really old jewellery which needed cleaning and i use this jewellery cleaner just dip it in the soloution for a couple of minutues and then take it out and give it a scrub with the brush that's included and that gets rid of most dirt etc etc from it leaving it nice and clean.

ILoveMonkeys Sun 02-Apr-17 20:31:00

I used to work in a jewellers. Learnt a few tricks. Either full fat Coke. Has to be proper Coke cola not cheap one, and has to be full fat stuff. Or vinegar. Soak overnight and use a toothbrush to get in all the settings etc.

purplecoathanger Sun 02-Apr-17 20:32:54

I take my nice stuff to the jewellers. I do this because it's valuable and they always check the stone settings for you.

Watto1 Sun 02-Apr-17 20:33:44

I haven't tried it myself but, according to my Gran, popping jewellery into a glass of gin overnight brings it up a treat!

WhisperingLoudly Sun 02-Apr-17 20:37:46

I use gin or vodka for a superficial sparkle on diamonds and gold/platinum - just soak overnight.

Rubies, emeralds and sapphires are more porous and need to be treated a bit more gently so I tend to take to jewellers.

Silver I use liquid silver cleaner and soak and buff then store in jewellery box with silica gel and/or chalk.

GooodMythicalMorning Sun 02-Apr-17 20:40:03

Silver polishing cloth. Would be worried about putting jewellery in cola as it may affect the glue or settings.

FairyAnn Fri 07-Apr-17 16:01:10

I use this guide for my jewellery

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