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An easy way to remove labels from food jars?

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PinkCloudDweller Sat 01-Apr-17 10:01:35

HI, I soak my jars and can remove most of the labels, but there's always some sticky residue left I can't shift. How can I get rid of it?

IAmcuriousyellow Sat 01-Apr-17 10:03:06

WD40 will do it easily. Put the jars through the dishwasher afterwards, or wash them hot with plenty of bubbles and a good rinse.

TheSpottedZebra Sat 01-Apr-17 10:03:16

There's some stuff called 'Sticky Stuff Remover' which really does what it says on the tin.

Gingernaut Sat 01-Apr-17 10:03:29

WD40. Followed by a wash with detergent.

McDougal Sat 01-Apr-17 10:03:36

WD40. I laughed in DH's face when he suggested it but 30 seconds later, all gone and no more laughter. He's right occasionally smile

Mymothersdaughter Sat 01-Apr-17 10:10:39

Sticky stuff remover- it's great

BarchesterFlowers Sat 01-Apr-17 10:12:24

Oil, any oil, sunflower, olive, anything you have.

Rub it on and leave for a while then it scrapes off easily.

PinkCloudDweller Sat 01-Apr-17 21:53:34

Thanks! Off to try oil and WD40 if it doesn't work x x

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