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How many hours do people have a cleaner and what do they do in that time?

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IJustWantABrew Fri 31-Mar-17 13:53:29

Looking at getting a cleaner when I go back to work, trying to work out roughly what is an acceptable amount of work to do in 2/3 hours.
How many hours do you have a cleaner per week and how much do they get done in that time?

shirleycartersaidso Fri 31-Mar-17 13:56:51

My cleaners work in a team - two of them for one hour once a week so 2 hours all together. Dust and Hoover all over, clean bathroom and kitchen, wipe down windows and leather sofas and a bigger job each week e.g. Inside cupboards or oven or a bit of it ironing. 3 bed house. 1 bathroom, teeny tiny kitchen.

When I've been here one tackles upstairs and one downstairs.

Wishiwasmoiradingle2017 Fri 31-Mar-17 14:01:20

I am a cleaner!! Most people have 3 hours weekly. I love a list in the early days!Maybe extra for the first few weeks to 'catch up' to a general clean each week. With extras in say fortnightly /monthly (Windows, paintwork /etc).. I have also fitted in pet care and dog walking so don't be afraid to ask for anything that makes your day easier!! Good luck!!

SilenceOfThePrams Fri 31-Mar-17 14:03:34

At different times, we've had between 2 and 6 hours.

2 hours - clean kitchen and bathroom surfaces, bleach loos, Hoover, mop, make beds, put clothes away, one job out of change sheets, hang laundry, clean inside windows, change towels, wipe down inside fridge, dust.

4 hours. As above, plus ironing.

6 hours. As above, plus sort laundry - empty machine and hang, refill and set going, fold and sort clean laundry from dryer. Change bedding. empty out a cupboard or drawer, wipe cupboard, tidy contents, remainder of jobs from 2 hour list but more regularly.

Newtssuitcase Fri 31-Mar-17 18:51:33

We currently have 3 hours (previously had six)

In that time she does:

Kitchen (including any washing up that is left out - generally not much but sometimes a pan might have bene left in the sink to soak or soemthing) All surfaces, hob, kettle, extractor hood, fronts of cupboards, front of fridge, water dispenser, pendant light fittings, hoover and mop floor, empty bins and recycling.

Snug - plump all sofa cushions, tidy room, dust surfaces and hoover

dining room - hoover, dust all surfaces

living rooms - hoover and dust all surfaces, plump sofa cushions

utility room, mop floor, clean sinks, surfaces

hallway, mop floor, generally tidy, dusting

All downstairs internal doors are glass and so she cleans the glass.

stair cases x 2 - hoover carpets

downstairs loo x 2 clean toilets and sinks.

then floors and surfaces in five bedrooms plus changing bedding.

4 x bathrooms upstairs.

I'm not sure how she manages it all to be honest. She then does the playroom and study once every few weeks and when we go on holiday she comes anyway and does things like inside of windows, fridge, cooker, etc.

Ollycat Fri 31-Mar-17 18:56:20

My cleaner does 3 hours

Week 1 - cleans upstairs (5 bedrooms) + bathrooms (take ages - all fully tiled) and kitchen.

Week 2 - cleans downstairs- dusts, washes floors, kitchen and gives loos / sinks upstairs a quick clean.

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