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Washing clothes?¿

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coeliacandthecity Sun 26-Mar-17 21:16:45

Is it okay to just throw all the colours in together or are there specific colours that don't mix? And also what about white tops with black stripes? Separate wash? Go in with the darks or lights? I'm new to it all thank you in advance 😂

QforCucumber Sun 26-Mar-17 21:18:54

I do 3 washes - darks, plain whites and 'in between' seems to work well enough. Then bedding and towels too.

BrunoJenkinsProblem Sun 26-Mar-17 23:05:06

For clothes I do

Whites (which includes flesh coloured stuff like bras)
Darks - anything black or dark navy like jeans
Coloureds - everything else, including black and white mixed things, and things like a black top with a coloured picture on the front.

I always use a Dylon colour catcher sheet and I've never had a problem with colours running.

KanyesVest Sun 26-Mar-17 23:12:47

I do 1) sheets; 2) socks, jocks and towels; 3) delicates/"hand"wash; and 4) everything else. Always works fine for me.

bibbitybobbityyhat Sun 26-Mar-17 23:20:45

I do all clothing separately from sheets and towels

I do whites
pastels and lights
soft darks
hard darks (so denims, trousers, things with zips that could catch on things like tights)
white bedding, towels and tea towels on 60
light coloured bedding, towels and tea towels on 60
bath mats separately
delicates separately
wools separately

Always wash everything inside out and hang colours on line inside out, whites the right way round.

Use washing powder for everything except delicates and woollens, and put the powder directly in the drum before the clothes go in.

A white and black striped top would go in my pastels wash.

OCSockOrphanage Wed 29-Mar-17 14:16:24

Delicates, things that tangle like tights, posh jumpers, and wired bras are best washed in a lingerie bag. Cheap from Lakeland or the supermarket on a normal low temperature wash with other items in similar colours.

TheColonelAdoresPuffins Wed 29-Mar-17 14:25:10

Dark and coloured shirts/skirts (easy iron option on washer)
Dark and coloured other
Towels (sometimes go in with darks others)

previously1474etc Wed 29-Mar-17 16:09:55

Clothes with more than one colour, that might run get a colour catcher sheet.

Whites always together, nothing else in there and towels on their own as they get a different detergent a tiny bit of conditioner and a different wash cycle as they will be stiff as boards otherwise.

Light colours together, darks together. Socks on their own wash, and often run through on 2 washes in case they escape and make for the door.

user1476185294 Wed 29-Mar-17 16:16:54

Nope... all to complicated for me.

Anything that goes on bottom half or is especially dirty goes on high. This includes bedding and towels as they touch bottom half.

Anything that goes on top half and socks goes on low.

I will admit neither of us wear much white (if any) just to make this easier, and the few white bras I do have are more grey, but all other cothes have survived. I do wash all new clothes on the highest they can go though, to prevent later colour run.

dudsville Wed 29-Mar-17 16:26:26

I don't bother. Bedding one load (40 degrees), towels another load (40), my clothes one or two loads(30). He does his own and separates stuff out (and uses the hottest longest cycles). All of our things are equally fine.

FrizzBombDelight Wed 29-Mar-17 16:31:43

Unless it is a brand new item like dark jeans I bung all clothes in together! I only wash towels and bed clothes separately.

MattBerrysHair Wed 29-Mar-17 16:42:25


^This includes towels and bedding^

Wools and delicates
Dishcloths and teatowels.

Walkacrossthesand Wed 29-Mar-17 16:49:08

I dislike darks fading, so they're washed with a 'colour' product ('no optical brighteners' which is what fades colours). I dislike grey whites so whites are washed separately with a 'standard' washing product. Pale colours and 'dark on white' go in a 'pale colours' load.
Check care labels - fabrics with a 'wash at 40' label will not cope with a 60 degree wash, they'll shrink/suffer. I find I can get away with washing at 40 even if it says wash at 30 - I don't find 30 gets things clean.
Really mucky things get a soak in Biotex in a bucket before they go in the machine.

SpeedwellBlue Fri 31-Mar-17 10:08:24

I hang most stuff to dry in the garden but not dd1's navy regulation school skirt/jumper/blazer as i think the sun might fade them. Dd2's grey chain store primary school uniform would probably be ok though.

BikeRunSki Fri 31-Mar-17 10:11:47

I do
Towels and bedding (hot, all cotton)
School jumpers and sports stuff (synthetics, coolish)
Red stuff that runs (1 bathmat and a pair of DS's trousers)
Everything else

SquedgieBeckenheim Fri 31-Mar-17 10:17:01

All colours together
Whites and greys together
Occasionally bung it all in together if I need something washed and don't have a full load, use a colour catcher if needed then.

Pepperedpig Fri 31-Mar-17 10:23:17

I do


CremeEggThief Fri 31-Mar-17 23:23:18

Coloureds, brights and darks altogether
Bathmat/mop head/cleaning cloths

MrsChopper Fri 31-Mar-17 23:30:36

I do

Towels, underwear, socks
Light including some grey and nude
And red/pink

I always wash DC clothes separately in one wash if I am sure no colours will leak.
You can get a delicates washbag for things like bras for £1 at primark. They are also useful for baby socks, stops you losing any.

Ellypoo Fri 31-Mar-17 23:45:20

Lights (including whites, towels bedding etc)
Colours & darks

That's about It! Occasionally do a hot towel/bedding wash if there's been illness, and try not to buy things that need wool/delicate washes!!!

gincamelbak Fri 31-Mar-17 23:46:56

Bedding towels and underwear (60°)
Everything else

Scruffles Mon 10-Apr-17 06:30:57

I do everything and anything together with a colour catcher! Often bedding is on it's own but only because there is enough to fill the machine.

Bexta147 Mon 10-Apr-17 09:34:54

All clothes done together, unless OH has had a particularly grubby week at work then I will do his uniform on its own. All at 40.
Bedding at 60
Towels at 60
White towels at 90

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